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patch to network.tex to add info on per interface macaddr and mtu settings

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    5252        The remote pptp server IP 
    55 For all protocol types, you can also specify the MTU by using the \texttt{mtu} option. 
     55For all protocol types, you can also specify the MTU and MAC address by using the \texttt{mtu}  
     56and \texttt{macaddr} options. For psuedo-interfaces composed of multiple real interfaces(such as a bridge) 
     57you can assign a MAC or MTU to a specific member interface \texttt{<if>} by appending \texttt{"\_<if>"} 
     58to the option name such as: 
     61config interface        "lan" 
     62    option type         "bridge" 
     63    option ifname       "eth3 eth4 eth5" 
     64    option proto        "static" 
     65    option ipaddr       "" 
     66    option netmask      "" 
     67    option gateway      "" 
     68    option dns          "" 
     69    option macaddr_eth3 "00:00:00:00:01:03" 
     70    option macaddr_eth4 "00:00:00:00:01:02" 
     71    option macaddr_eth5 "00:00:00:00:01:01" 
     72    option mtu          "1520" 
     73    option mtu_eth3     "1520" 
     74    option mtu_eth4     "1520" 
     75    option mtu_eth5     "1520" 
     78If you use the \texttt{macaddr} or \texttt{mtu} options without appending \texttt{\_<if>} the 
     79setting applies to the psuedo-interface itself (\texttt{br-lan} above). 
     81For a bridge, the plain \texttt{"macaddr"} option is silently ignored because you cannot 
     82directly set the MAC of the bridge device itself. Although, by setting the MACs of the bridge 
     83members you effectively control the MAC of the bridge because the bridge uses the 
     84lowest MAC of all interfaces in the bridge. 
     86This can be useful in advanced bridging setups to control the STP Root Bridge ID 
     87since the bridge's MAC is used for the root bridge ID. 
    5890\subsubsection{Setting up the switch (currently broadcom only)} 
    6092The switch configuration is set by adding a \texttt{'switch'} config section.