Ticket #2503: fix.patch

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  • net/apache/Makefile

    3535define Package/apache 
    3636  $(call Package/apache/Default) 
    3737  MENU=1 
    38   DEPENDS:=+apr +apr-util +zlib +libexpat +libpcre +libopenssl +libsqlite3 
     38  DEPENDS:=+libapr +libaprutil +zlib +libexpat +libpcre +libopenssl +libsqlite3 
    4141define Package/apache-server 
  • net/subversion/Makefile

    2626  SECTION:=net 
    2727  CATEGORY:=Network 
    2828  TITLE:=A compelling replacement for CVS 
    29   DEPENDS:=+zlib +neon +libintl +apr +apr-util 
     29  DEPENDS:=+zlib +libneon +libintl +libapr +libaprutil 
    3030  URL:=http://subversion.tigris.org/ 
    3131  SUBMENU:=subversion 
  • libs/clearsilver/Makefile

    2020define Package/clearsilver 
    2121  SECTION:=libs 
    2222  CATEGORY:=Libraries 
    23   DEPENDS:=+neon +zlib 
     23  DEPENDS:=+libneon +zlib 
    2424  TITLE:=ClearSilver template system 
    2525  DESCRIPTION:=Clearsilver is a fast, powerful, and language-neutral HTML template system. In both static content sites and dynamic HTML applications, it provides a separation between presentation code and application logic which makes working with your project easier. 
    2626        URL:=http://www.clearsilver.net/