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Console output showing kernel panic

1CPU 0 Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 00000000, epc == 800b787c, ra == 801e320c
3Cpu 0
4$ 0   : 00000000 80310000 80da6f80 80da6f80
5$ 4   : 00000000 0000000c 000000cf 0000bf34
6$ 8   : 80da6050 00000001 80da6f80 00000000
7$12   : 80da6048 0000009c 00000000 80808080
8$16   : 00000001 80c39cc0 0000000c 80da604a
9$20   : 80da6040 80c39cc0 81c80200 81c807d8
10$24   : 00000000 80075384
11$28   : 802c8000 802c9c28 00000004 801e320c
12Hi    : 00000000
13Lo    : 80d7f8ac
14epc   : 800b787c 0x800b787c
15    Not tainted
16ra    : 801e320c 0x801e320c
17Status: 1000fc03    KERNEL EXL IE
18Cause : 00800008
19BadVA : 00000000
20PrId  : 00019374 (MIPS 24Kc)
21Modules linked in: fuse usb_storage evdev nf_nat_snmp_basic nf_nat_sip nf_conntrack_sip nf_nat_rtsp nf_conntrack_rtsp nf_nat_pptp nf_conntrack_pptp nf_nat_h323 nf_conntrack_h323 nf_nat_proto_gre nf_conntrack_proto_gre nf_nat_amanda nf_conntrack_amanda nf_nat_tftp nf_conntrack_tftp nf_nat_irc nf_conntrack_irc nf_nat_ftp nf_conntrack_ftp xt_policy xt_esp ipt_ah xt_iprange xt_HL xt_hl xt_MARK ipt_ECN xt_CLASSIFY xt_time xt_tcpmss xt_statistic xt_mark xt_length ipt_ecn xt_DSCP xt_dscp xt_IMQ imq xt_string xt_layer7 xt_quota xt_pkttype xt_owner ipt_REDIRECT ipt_NETMAP ipt_MASQUERADE iptable_nat nf_nat xt_CONNMARK xt_recent xt_helper xt_conntrack xt_connmark xt_connbytes xt_NOTRACK iptable_raw xt_state nf_conntrack_ipv4 nf_defrag_ipv4 nf_conntrack ehci_hcd sd_mod ipt_REJECT xt_TCPMSS ipt_LOG xt_comment xt_multiport xt_mac xt_limit iptable_mangle iptable_filter ip_tables xt_tcpudp x_tables gpio_dev msdos ipip ext2 ext3 jbd loop vfat fat isofs ext4 jbd2 cifs ath9k ath9k_common ath9k_hw ath nls_utf8 mac80211 usbcore ts_fsm ts_bm ts_kmp scsi_mod nls_base mbcache crc16 crc_itu_t crc_ccitt cfg80211 compat_firmware_class compat crypto_null arc4 aes_generic ecb leds_gpio button_hotplug gpio_buttons input_polldev input_core
22Process swapper (pid: 0, threadinfo=802c8000, task=802cab40, tls=00000000)
23Stack : 00000000 00000001 00000020 000000c0 80c39cc0 81c807d8 802c9c78 801e2ba8
24        81c80aac 81b742c0 81c807d8 802c9c78 81b742c0 80d56208 81c016cc 81fc7090
25        00000000 81ff60c0 80cff038 00000f80 80c39cc0 81c80200 00000000 00000000
26        00000000 00000002 00000010 00000000 00000000 80d68004 80c39ce4 80d7f8ac
27        00000000 80d904b0 81c809d8 80c39cc0 80d68000 80c39ce4 81c80200 81c809f4
28        ...
29Call Trace:[<801e2ba8>] 0x801e2ba8
30[<80d56208>] 0x80d56208
31[<80cff038>] 0x80cff038
32[<80d75c14>] 0x80d75c14
33[<8009f224>] 0x8009f224
34[<80d74800>] 0x80d74800
35[<80081c18>] 0x80081c18
36[<800a79e8>] 0x800a79e8
37[<8008240c>] 0x8008240c
38[<81ff8000>] 0x81ff8000
39[<81ff8000>] 0x81ff8000
40[<81ff8000>] 0x81ff8000
41[<81ff8000>] 0x81ff8000
42[<81ff8000>] 0x81ff8000
43[<800824ec>] 0x800824ec
44[<8006082c>] 0x8006082c
45[<80060a00>] 0x80060a00
46[<81ff8000>] 0x81ff8000
47[<81ff8000>] 0x81ff8000
48[<81ff8000>] 0x81ff8000
49[<8006b3c0>] 0x8006b3c0
50[<8006c860>] 0x8006c860
51[<81ff8000>] 0x81ff8000
52[<80060a20>] 0x80060a20
53[<802e0a48>] 0x802e0a48
54[<802e03a8>] 0x802e03a8
55[<81ff8000>] 0x81ff8000
56[<81ff8000>] 0x81ff8000
57[<81ff8000>] 0x81ff8000
60Code: 3c04800b  080237d1  2484773c <8c820000> 3042c000  10400011  00803021  8c820000  30428000
61Disabling lock debugging due to kernel taint
62Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception in interrupt
63Rebooting in 3 seconds..