source: branches/backfire/package/mac80211/patches/011-no_sdio.patch @ 21558

Last change on this file since 21558 was 21558, checked in by hauke, 7 years ago

[backfire] backport r21449

ssb: activate CONFIG_SSB_BLOCKIO in the kernel and not in compat-wireless.

Before this patch CONFIG_SSB_BLOCKIO was set to y in compat-wireless
but the in kernel ssb system had it set to n, this causes an invalid pointer.
b43 now needs CONFIG_SSB_BLOCKIO=y

File size: 199 bytes

    a b endif # end of SPI driver list 
    381381ifneq ($(CONFIG_MMC),) 
    383 CONFIG_B43_SDIO=y 
     383# CONFIG_B43_SDIO=y 
    386386ifneq ($(CONFIG_ARM),) 
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