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Last change on this file was 26350, checked in by nbd, 6 years ago

scripts/ handle CONFIG_ALL, CONFIG_DEVEL and CONFIG_TOOLCHAINOPTS properly (backport of r26349)

  • Property svn:executable set to *
File size: 660 bytes
2grep \^CONFIG_TARGET_ .config | head -n3 > tmp/.diffconfig.head
3grep '^CONFIG_ALL=y' .config >> tmp/.diffconfig.head
4grep '^CONFIG_DEVEL=y' .config >> tmp/.diffconfig.head
5grep '^CONFIG_TOOLCHAINOPTS=y' .config >> tmp/.diffconfig.head
6./scripts/config/conf -D tmp/.diffconfig.head -w tmp/.diffconfig.stage1 >/dev/null
7./scripts/ '>+' tmp/.diffconfig.stage1 .config >> tmp/.diffconfig.head
8./scripts/config/conf -D tmp/.diffconfig.head -w tmp/.diffconfig.stage2 >/dev/null
9./scripts/ '>' tmp/.diffconfig.stage2 .config >> tmp/.diffconfig.head
10cat tmp/.diffconfig.head
11rm -f tmp/.diffconfig tmp/.diffconfig.head
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