source: packages/admin/sudo/patches/101-install_no_strip.patch @ 21072

Last change on this file since 21072 was 21072, checked in by nico, 7 years ago

[packages] sudo: update to 1.7.2p6

File size: 994 bytes

    a b install-dirs: 
    412412            $(DESTDIR)$(noexecdir) 
    414414install-binaries: install-dirs $(PROGS) 
    415         $(INSTALL) -O $(install_uid) -G $(install_gid) -M 4111 -s sudo $(DESTDIR)$(sudodir)/sudo 
     415        $(INSTALL) -O $(install_uid) -G $(install_gid) -M 4111 sudo $(DESTDIR)$(sudodir)/sudo 
    416416        rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(sudodir)/sudoedit 
    417417        ln $(DESTDIR)$(sudodir)/sudo $(DESTDIR)$(sudodir)/sudoedit 
    418         $(INSTALL) -O $(install_uid) -G $(install_gid) -M 0111 -s visudo $(DESTDIR)$(visudodir)/visudo 
    419 @SELINUX@       $(INSTALL) -O $(install_uid) -G $(install_gid) -M 0111 -s sesh $(DESTDIR)$(libexecdir)/sesh 
     418        $(INSTALL) -O $(install_uid) -G $(install_gid) -M 0111 visudo $(DESTDIR)$(visudodir)/visudo 
     419@SELINUX@       $(INSTALL) -O $(install_uid) -G $(install_gid) -M 0111 sesh $(DESTDIR)$(libexecdir)/sesh 
    421421install-noexec: install-dirs 
    422422        test -f .libs/$(noexecfile) && $(INSTALL) -O $(install_uid) -G $(install_gid) -M 0755 .libs/$(noexecfile) $(DESTDIR)$(noexecdir) 
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