source: packages/lang/python-evas/patches/000-prevent-using-setuptools.patch @ 13858

Last change on this file since 13858 was 13858, checked in by mirko, 9 years ago

adding python bindings for the "Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL)"

File size: 865 bytes
  • python-evas-r37637

    diff -ruN python-evas-r37637.orig/ python-evas-r37637/
    old new  
    11import sys 
    22import os 
    4 from ez_setup import use_setuptools 
    5 use_setuptools('0.6c3') 
    7 from setuptools import setup, find_packages, Extension 
     4from distutils.core import setup, Extension 
    85from distutils.command.install_headers import install_headers 
    96from distutils.sysconfig import get_python_inc 
    107import subprocess 
    142139      long_description=long_description, 
    143140      keywords='wrapper binding enlightenment graphics raster evas canvas', 
    144141      classifiers=trove_classifiers, 
    145       packages=find_packages(), 
     142      packages=['evas'], 
    146143      headers=headers, 
    147144      ext_modules=[evasmodule], 
    148145      zip_safe=False, 
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