source: packages/libs/glib2/patches/002-missing-gthread-include.patch @ 27453

Last change on this file since 27453 was 27453, checked in by jow, 6 years ago

[packages] glib2: add missing gthread.h include, observed during host compilation of glib2 on CentOS 5.6 (#8794)

File size: 290 bytes
  • glib/gatomic.c

    a b g_atomic_pointer_compare_and_exchange (v 
    881881#endif /* DEFINE_WITH_WIN32_INTERLOCKED */ 
    883883#ifdef DEFINE_WITH_MUTEXES 
     884#include "gthread.h" 
    884885/* We have to use the slow, but safe locking method */ 
    885886static GMutex *g_atomic_mutex;  
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