source: packages/net/asterisk-1.4.x/patches/013-chan_iax2-tmp_path.patch @ 12794

Last change on this file since 12794 was 12794, checked in by agb, 9 years ago

Update to asterisk 1.4.21 (yes there's a but I haven't tested it)
Package 'rawplayer' for asterisk.
Requires the tonezone patch for app-meetme
Disabled ilbc which required a separate (non-free) package.

Signed-off-by: Michael Geddes <michael at frog dot wheelycreek dot net>

File size: 587 bytes
  • channels/chan_iax2.c

    diff -Nru asterisk-1.4.18/channels/chan_iax2.c
    old new  
    15541554                last++; 
    15551555        else 
    15561556                last = s; 
    1557         snprintf(s2, strlen(s) + 100, "/var/tmp/%s-%ld", last, (unsigned long)ast_random()); 
     1557        snprintf(s2, strlen(s) + 100, "/tmp/%s-%ld", last, (unsigned long)ast_random()); 
    15581558        res = stat(s, &stbuf); 
    15591559        if (res < 0) { 
    15601560                ast_log(LOG_WARNING, "Failed to stat '%s': %s\n", s, strerror(errno)); 
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