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[package] hiawatha: update to 7.6


this patch updates hiawatha to 7.6.

Changelog since 7.3:

PreventSQLi option rewritten.
OldBrowser option added to URL toolkit.
Improved mimetype configuration.
Do-not-track HTTP header support.
Password file entries can now be created with Wigwam.
Small bugfixes and improvements.
Bugfix: sent one byte too few for Range -XX.
Bugfix: possible crash when using PreventSQLi.
Bugfix: integer overflow in fetch_request() which could lead to a server crash.
Connections per IP added to RequestLimitMask.
NoExtensionAs made a per-host setting.
Small bugfixes and improvements.
Bugfix: usage of HideProxy caused Hiawatha to refuse new connections after ConnectionsTotal connections.
Bugfix: memory leak in XSLT module.


patch from Raphael Huck.

File size: 472 bytes
  • configure

    a b  
    3030        DESTDIR="/usr/lib/asterisk/modules/" 
    32         INCDIR="-I. -I/usr/include" 
     32        INCDIR="-I." 
    3333        CFLAGS="-O2 -DICONV_CONST=\"\" -D__DEBUG__ -D__MANAGER__ -D__APP__" 
    3535        LIBDIR="" 
    3636        LIBS="" 
    38         SOLINK="-shared -Xlinker -x" 
     38        SOLINK="-shared" 
    4141        DESTDIR="/opt/local/lib/asterisk/modules/" 
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