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[package] add package for BIRD Internet Routing Daemon

Here is the patch that adds a package for The BIRD Internet Routing
Daemon. It is updated to the current version of BIRD (v 1.2.2).

BIRD is an internet routing daemon that implements OSPF, RIP and BGP.
It is fast, lightweight and small (cca 300 kB), therefore ideal for
OpenWRT based routers.

The makefile is rather tricky, as BIRD have to be built two times (for
IPv4 and IPv6 versions) and there are separate packages for BIRD daemon
and BIRD client, because client depends on libreadline and is not
strictly necessary.

Signed-off-by: Ondrej Zajicek <santiago@…>

File size: 453 bytes
1#!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common
5# Birdloop is used to restart BIRD if it crashed. Unfortunately, it also
6# hides and handles in the same manner start-time errors (like parse error
7# in config file). Therefore, it is not used by default. If you want to
8# use it, comment the first line and uncomment the second line in start().
10start() {
11        /usr/sbin/bird4
12#       /usr/sbin/bird4loop
15stop() {
16        killall bird4
17        sleep 1
20reload() {
21        killall -HUP bird4
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