source: packages/net/djbdns/patches/060-dnscache-big-udp-packets.patch

Last change on this file was 17673, checked in by nbd, 8 years ago

djbdns: fix compile errors because of wrong ranlib use, also apply Johnny Halfmoon's update to 1.05-5 (#5764)

File size: 283 bytes
  • dns_transmit.c

    a b void dns_transmit_io(struct dns_transmit 
    241241int dns_transmit_get(struct dns_transmit *d,const iopause_fd *x,const struct taia *when) 
    243   char udpbuf[513]; 
     243  char udpbuf[4097]; 
    244244  unsigned char ch; 
    245245  int r; 
    246246  int fd; 
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