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1<configuration name="console.conf" description="Console Logger">
2  <!-- pick a file name, a function name or 'all' -->
3  <!-- map as many as you need for specific debugging -->
4  <mappings>
5    <!--
6      name can be a file name, function name or 'all'
7      value is one or more of debug,info,notice,warning,err,crit,alert,all
8      See examples below
11      The following map is the default, which is all debug levels enabled:
12      <map name="all" value="debug,info,notice,warning,err,crit,alert"/>
15      Example: the following turns on debugging for error and critical levels only
16      <map name="all" value="err,crit"/>
18      NOTE: using map name="all" will override any other settings!  If you
19            want a more specific set of console messages then you will need
20            to specify which files and/or functions you want to have debug
21            messages.  One option is to turn on just the more critical
22            messages with map name="all", then specify the other types of
23            console messages you want to see for various files and functions.
25      Example: turn on ERROR, CRIT, ALERT for all modules, then specify other
26               levels for various modules and functions
28        <map name="all" value="err,crit,alert"/>
29        <map name="switch_loadable_module_process" value="all"/>
30        <map name="mod_local_stream.c" value="warning,debug"/>
31        <map name="mod_sndfile.c" value="warning,info,debug"/>
32     -->
33    <map name="all" value="console,debug,info,notice,warning,err,crit,alert"/>
35    <!--
36      You can use or modify this sample set of mappings.  It turns on higher
37      level messages for all modules and then specifies extra lower level
38      messages for OpenZAP, Sofia, and switch core messages.
40    <map name="all"                         value="warning,err,crit,alert"/>
41    <map name="zap_analog.c"                value="all"/>
42    <map name="zap_io.c"                    value="all"/>
43    <map name="zap_isdn.c"                  value="all"/>
44    <map name="zap_zt.c"                    value="all"/>
45    <map name="mod_openzap"                 value="all"/>
46    <map name="sofia.c"                     value="notice"/>
47    <map name="switch_core_state_machine.c" value="all"/>     
49    -->
50  </mappings>
51  <settings>
52    <!-- comment or set to false for no color logging -->
53    <param name="colorize" value="true"/>
54    <param name="loglevel" value="$${console_loglevel}"/>
55  </settings>
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