source: packages/net/wing/files/etc/uci-defaults/wing @ 27643

Last change on this file since 27643 was 27643, checked in by swalker, 6 years ago

[packages] wing: update to 20110709 (#9722)

  • Signed-off-by: Roberto Riggio <roberto.riggio at>
  • remove unrecognized configure options
  • remove trailing whitespace
File size: 774 bytes
1uci delete network.mesh
2uci set network.mesh=interface
3uci set network.mesh.proto=wing
4uci set network.mesh.rc=minstrel
5uci set
6uci set network.mesh.metric=wcett
7uci set network.mesh.prefix=6
8uci set network.mesh.period=10000
9uci set network.mesh.tau=100000
10uci set network.mesh.debug=false
12uci add firewall zone
13uci set firewall.@zone[-1].name="mesh"
14uci set firewall.@zone[-1].input="ACCEPT"
15uci set firewall.@zone[-1].output="ACCEPT"
16uci set firewall.@zone[-1].forward="REJECT"
17uci set firewall.@zone[-1].masq="1"
19uci add firewall forwarding
20uci set firewall.@forwarding[-1].src="lan"
21uci set firewall.@forwarding[-1].dest="mesh"
23uci add firewall forwarding
24uci set firewall.@forwarding[-1].src="mesh"
25uci set firewall.@forwarding[-1].dest="wan"
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