source: packages/net/xl2tpd/patches/130-no-kill-ipparam.patch @ 31561

Last change on this file since 31561 was 31561, checked in by juhosg, 5 years ago

Update and fix x2ltpd, add connect script

Remove unwanted services from default configuration
Ship xl2tpd-config
Use kernel mode L2TP
Don't scribble on ipparam

Signed-off-by: David Woodhouse <David.Woodhouse@…>

File size: 439 bytes
  • xl2tpd-1.3.1/control.c

    old new int control_finish (struct tunnel *t, st 
    905905                po = add_opt (po, c->lac->pppoptfile); 
    906906            } 
    907907        }; 
    908         po = add_opt (po, "ipparam"); 
    909         po = add_opt (po, IPADDY (t->peer.sin_addr)); 
    910908        start_pppd (c, po); 
    911909        opt_destroy (po); 
    912910        if (c->lac) 
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