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[packages] ap51-flash: update ap51-flash and add loop option

The newer ap51-flash version and updated scripts will fix a
problem on big-endian machines and uses a lot less memory
(libpcap is not required anymore, no more image-buffering).

A loop-script per ap51-flash instance will take care of
restarting the app if selected in uci-config file.

File size: 232 bytes
1#config flash
2#       option ifname   eth0.1
3#       option rootfs   /tmp/images/openwrt-atheros-root.squashfs
4#       option kernel   /tmp/images/openwrt-atheros-vmlinux.lzma
5#       option ubnt     /tmp/images/openwrt-atheros-ubnt5-squashfs.bin
6##      option loop     '1'
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