source: tags/attitude_adjustment_12.09

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
docs 25464   7 years kaloz [docs]: kamikaze has been released long ago
include 36422   4 years jow 12.09: adjust default version and download url in
package 36088   5 years florian AA: backport openssl update from r35600
scripts 34348   5 years juhosg AA: scripts/ add support for the MR600 Backport of …
target 35968   5 years juhosg AA: ar71xx: om2p-hs: use correct bit mask to disable JTAG functionality …
toolchain 35817   5 years luka gcc: don't build documentation backport of r35807 Signed-off-by: Luka …
tools 34827   5 years acinonyx AA: backport: "[tools] ipkg-utils: Force gnu format for tar (#12496)" …
.gitattributes 8 bytes 31649   5 years nbd add .gitattributes to prevent the git autocrlf option from messing with …
.gitignore 204 bytes 28690   6 years acinonyx .gitignore: Ignore Emacs editor generated files
BSDmakefile 179 bytes 6383   11 years nbd add missing copyright header 14.3 KB 34412   5 years juhosg AA: build: Add TARGET_ROOTFS_RESERVED_PCT option to reduce wasted space …
feeds.conf.default 588 bytes 35351   5 years jow AA: feeds: switch to LuCI v0.11.1 tag
LICENSE 17.6 KB 15245   8 years nico remove 'svn:keywords' property, not needed anymore after [15242]
Makefile 3.3 KB 29798   6 years jow [buildroot] abort built in prereq target if there is no site config file …
README 1.2 KB 29837   6 years mirko trying to make README file a bit more helpful 9.2 KB 33508   5 years nbd add TARGET_AR and TARGET_RANLIB
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