source: trunk/package/uboot-envtools/patches/003-nor-eraselen.patch @ 28566

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package/u-boot-envtools: update to version 2011.06.

This updates uboot-envtools to the version which comes with U-Boot 2011.06.
The important novelity is that fw_setenv now supports batch processing, which
greatly improves sysupgrade of the ALL0258N as otherwise we would have to
overwrite uboot-env up to 8x in a single firmware upgrade.
Unfortunately, no newer version of the sources is available from Debian, so we
got to take it from the u-boot source which is kinda ugly...

Signed-off-by: Daniel Golle <dgolle@…>

File size: 388 bytes
  • fw_env.c

    a b static int flash_write_buf (int dev, int 
    779779        erase_offset = (offset / blocklen) * blocklen; 
    781781        /* Maximum area we may use */ 
    782         erase_len = top_of_range - erase_offset; 
     782        if (mtd_type == MTD_NANDFLASH) 
     783                erase_len = top_of_range - erase_offset; 
     784        else 
     785                erase_len = blocklen; 
    784787        blockstart = erase_offset; 
    785788        /* Offset inside a block */ 
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