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udev: Update udev package from udev-106 to udev-142

Update the init scripts have to use udevadm where appropriate.
The udev package no longer provides separate udev utilities
like udevtrigger and udevsettle. These have been incorporated
into the udev admin program udevadm.

Replace the udevextras sub package with config options to the udev

Update the preinit script to check for '/lib/udev/devices', and
copy it to '/dev/ if it is found, then to conditionaly setup
/dev the old way with mknod etc. Udev now recommends using
the directory '/lib/udev/devices' to initialize the '/dev'
directory at startup.

Signed-off-by: Geoff Levand <geoffrey.levand@…>

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1# udev package config
3menu "udev configuration"
4depends on PACKAGE_udev
7        bool "Disable udev logging to syslog"
8        depends on PACKAGE_udev
9        default n
10        help
11         Disable logging of udev messages to the syslog.  If
12         unsure, choose the default N.
15        bool "Enable debug build of the udev package"
16        depends on PACKAGE_udev
17        default n
18        help
19         Compile in udev debug messages.  If unsure, choose
20         the default N.
22config UDEV_EXTRA_ata_id
23        bool "Install udev ata_id callout"
24        default y
25        help
26         ata_id - udev callout to read product/serial number
27         from ATA drives
29config UDEV_EXTRA_cdrom_id
30        bool "Install udev cdrom_id callout"
31        default y
32        help
33         cdrom_id - udev callout to determine the capabilities
34         of optical drives and media
36config UDEV_EXTRA_collect
37        bool "Install udev collect"
38        default n
39        help
40         Adds ID to the list governed by <checkpoint>
42config UDEV_EXTRA_edd_id
43        bool "Install udev edd_id callout"
44        default n
45        help
46         edd_id - udev callout to identify BIOS disk drives
47         via EDD
49config UDEV_EXTRA_firmware
50        bool "Install firmware support"
51        default n
52        help
53         udev firmware loader
54         via EDD
56config UDEV_EXTRA_floppy
57        bool "Install create_floppy_devices callout"
58        default n
59        help
60         create_floppy_devices - udev callout to create all
61         possible floppy device based on the CMOS type
63config UDEV_EXTRA_fstab_import
64        bool "Install fstab import"
65        default y
66        help
67         find matching entry in fstab and export it
69config UDEV_EXTRA_path_id
70        bool "Install udev path_id callout"
71        default y
72        help
73         path_id - udev callout to create a device path based
74         unique name for a device to implement the Linux
75         Persistent Device Naming scheme
77config UDEV_EXTRA_rule_generator
78        bool "Install udev rule_generator"
79        default y
80        help
82config UDEV_EXTRA_scsi_id
83        bool "Install udev scsi_id callout"
84        default y
85        help
86         scsi_id - retrieve and generate a unique SCSI identifier
88config UDEV_EXTRA_usb_id
89        bool "Install udev usb_id callout"
90        default y
91        help
92          usb_id - can find the unique id of USB devices
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