source: trunk/target/linux/amazon/patches-2.6.37/130-mtd_drivers.patch @ 26576

Last change on this file since 26576 was 26576, checked in by hauke, 6 years ago

amazon: Upgrade amazon target to kernel 2.6.37

This was just a little bit tested on an SAMSUNG SMT-G3020 and pci and usb do not work like before.

File size: 298 bytes
  • drivers/mtd/maps/Makefile

    a b obj-$(CONFIG_MTD_RBTX4939) += rbtx4939-f 
    5959obj-$(CONFIG_MTD_VMU)           += vmu-flash.o 
    6060obj-$(CONFIG_MTD_GPIO_ADDR)     += gpio-addr-flash.o 
    6161obj-$(CONFIG_MTD_BCM963XX)      += bcm963xx-flash.o 
     62obj-$(CONFIG_AMAZON_MTD)        += amazon.o 
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