source: trunk/target/linux/at91/patches/200-experimenta_adc_driver.patch @ 26905

Last change on this file since 26905 was 26905, checked in by hauke, 6 years ago

kernel: update kernel from to and refresh patches

Thank you Peter Wagner for the patch. I refreshed the kernel patches and added the md5sum of the kernel.

File size: 787 bytes
  • drivers/misc/Kconfig

    a b config ATMEL_TCB_CLKSRC_BLOCK 
    104104          TC can be used for other purposes, such as PWM generation and 
    105105          interval timing. 
     107config AT91_ADC 
     108        tristate "AT91 ADC converter" 
     109        depends on ARCH_AT91 && SYSFS 
    107111config IBM_ASM 
    108112        tristate "Device driver for IBM RSA service processor" 
    109113        depends on X86 && PCI && INPUT && EXPERIMENTAL 
  • drivers/misc/Makefile

    a b obj-$(CONFIG_AD525X_DPOT_SPI) += ad525x_ 
    99obj-$(CONFIG_ATMEL_PWM)         += atmel_pwm.o 
    1010obj-$(CONFIG_ATMEL_SSC)         += atmel-ssc.o 
    1111obj-$(CONFIG_ATMEL_TCLIB)       += atmel_tclib.o 
     12obj-$(CONFIG_AT91_ADC)          += at91-adc.o 
    1213obj-$(CONFIG_BMP085)            += bmp085.o 
    1314obj-$(CONFIG_ICS932S401)        += ics932s401.o 
    1415obj-$(CONFIG_LKDTM)             += lkdtm.o 
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