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[brcm63xx] Fixed Comtrend CT536_CT5621 board settings. These boards are based on the 96348GW-11 reference design but have different GPIOs therefore we use the board fixups now availabed (thanks the patches by Jonas Gorski) to create a separate board entry for these boards and leave the reference design with reference GPIOs. Also these boards only have enet1 (no enet0) so we set that in the board definition, and use a defconfig for a single interface network.

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1# Copyright (C) 2006
3config interface loopback
4        option ifname   lo
5        option proto    static
6        option ipaddr
7        option netmask
9config interface lan
10        option ifname   eth0
11        option type     bridge
12        option proto    static
13        option ipaddr
14        option netmask
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