source: trunk/target/linux/generic-2.6/patches-2.6.35/102-netfilter_layer7_match.patch @ 21740

Last change on this file since 21740 was 21740, checked in by acoul, 7 years ago

generic-2.6: layer7: convert xt_match_param to xt_action_param

File size: 406 bytes
  • net/netfilter/xt_layer7.c

    a b static int layer7_write_proc(struct file 
    417417static bool 
    418418#if LINUX_VERSION_CODE >= KERNEL_VERSION(2, 6, 28) 
    419 match(const struct sk_buff *skbin, const struct xt_match_param *par) 
     419match(const struct sk_buff *skbin, struct xt_action_param *par) 
    421421match(const struct sk_buff *skbin, 
    422422      const struct net_device *in, 
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