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  • arch/mips/Kconfig

    From: Mark Miller <>
    This exposes the CONFIG_BOOT_RAW symbol in Kconfig. This is needed on
    certain Broadcom chipsets running CFE in order to load the kernel.
    Signed-off-by: Mark Miller <>
    Acked-by: Rob Landley <>
    a b config ARC 
    806806config ARCH_MAY_HAVE_PC_FDC 
    807807        bool 
    809 config BOOT_RAW 
    810         bool 
    812809config CEVT_BCM1480 
    813810        bool 
    config USE_OF 
    22442241        help 
    22452242          Include support for flattened device tree machine descriptions. 
     2244config BOOT_RAW 
     2245        bool "Enable the kernel to be executed from the load address" 
     2246        default n 
     2247        help 
     2248         Allow the kernel to be executed from the load address for 
     2249         bootloaders which cannot read the ELF format. This places 
     2250         a jump to start_kernel at the load address. 
     2252         If unsure, say N. 
    22492258config LOCKDEP_SUPPORT 
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