source: trunk/target/linux/generic/patches-2.6.38/834-gpio_ioctl.patch @ 26905

Last change on this file since 26905 was 26905, checked in by hauke, 6 years ago

kernel: update kernel from to and refresh patches

Thank you Peter Wagner for the patch. I refreshed the kernel patches and added the md5sum of the kernel.

File size: 261 bytes
  • drivers/char/gpio_dev.c

    a b gpio_close(struct inode * inode, struct 
    116116struct file_operations gpio_fops = { 
    117         ioctl:          gpio_ioctl, 
     117        unlocked_ioctl: gpio_ioctl, 
    118118        open:           gpio_open, 
    119119        release:        gpio_close 
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