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  • drivers/mtd/Kconfig

    a b config MTD_AR7_PARTS 
    177177endif # MTD_PARTITIONS 
     179config MTD_MYLOADER_PARTS 
     180        tristate "MyLoader partition parsing" 
     181        depends on MTD_PARTITIONS && (ADM5120 || ATHEROS_AR231X || ATHEROS_AR71XX) 
     182        ---help--- 
     183          MyLoader is a bootloader which allows the user to define partitions 
     184          in flash devices, by putting a table in the second erase block 
     185          on the device, similar to a partition table. This table gives the  
     186          offsets and lengths of the user defined partitions. 
     188          If you need code which can detect and parse these tables, and 
     189          register MTD 'partitions' corresponding to each image detected, 
     190          enable this option. 
     192          You will still need the parsing functions to be called by the driver 
     193          for your particular device. It won't happen automatically. 
    179195comment "User Modules And Translation Layers" 
    181197config MTD_CHAR 
  • drivers/mtd/Makefile

    a b obj-$(CONFIG_MTD_REDBOOT_PARTS) += redbo 
    1212obj-$(CONFIG_MTD_CMDLINE_PARTS) += cmdlinepart.o 
    1313obj-$(CONFIG_MTD_AFS_PARTS)     += afs.o 
    1414obj-$(CONFIG_MTD_AR7_PARTS)     += ar7part.o 
     15obj-$(CONFIG_MTD_MYLOADER_PARTS) += myloader.o 
    1617# 'Users' - code which presents functionality to userspace. 
    1718obj-$(CONFIG_MTD_CHAR)          += mtdchar.o 
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