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[PATCH v3] (respin) 802.1Q VLAN support for ADM6996M/ADM6996FC

This patch adds 802.1Q VLAN support for the ADM6996M chip.

The driver is loaded for both the FC and M model. It will detect which of the
two chips is connected. The FC model is initialised, but no further
functionality is offered.

The PHY driver will always report "100 Mbit/s, link up", for both the M and FC
models. This reflects the fact that the link between switch chip and Ethernet
MAC is always on[1].

Further documentation can be found in the kernel's

Signed-of-By: Peter Lebbing <peter@…>

File size: 860 bytes
  • drivers/net/phy/Kconfig

    a b config MICREL_PHY 
    9797        ---help--- 
    9898          Supports the KSZ9021, VSC8201, KS8001 PHYs. 
     100config ADM6996_PHY 
     101        tristate "Driver for ADM6996 switches" 
     102        select SWCONFIG 
     103        ---help--- 
     104          Currently supports the ADM6996FC and ADM6996M switches. 
     105          Support for FC is very limited. 
    100107config FIXED_PHY 
    101108        bool "Driver for MDIO Bus/PHY emulation with fixed speed/link PHYs" 
    102109        depends on PHYLIB=y 
  • drivers/net/phy/Makefile

    a b obj-$(CONFIG_VITESSE_PHY) += vitesse.o 
    1414obj-$(CONFIG_BROADCOM_PHY)      += broadcom.o 
    1515obj-$(CONFIG_BCM63XX_PHY)       += bcm63xx.o 
    1616obj-$(CONFIG_ICPLUS_PHY)        += icplus.o 
     17obj-$(CONFIG_ADM6996_PHY)       += adm6996.o 
    1718obj-$(CONFIG_REALTEK_PHY)       += realtek.o 
    1819obj-$(CONFIG_LSI_ET1011C_PHY)   += et1011c.o 
    1920obj-$(CONFIG_FIXED_PHY)         += fixed.o 
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