source: trunk/target/linux/rdc/files-2.6.30/arch/x86/mach-rdc321x/Makefile @ 20294

Last change on this file since 20294 was 20294, checked in by florian, 7 years ago

[rdc] rework board detection

Rework board detection, separate board specific code into its own file. As a
result we also change the way rdc images are generated.
Support for board which required binary tools, like AMIT are dropped. Patch by
Bernhard Loos.

File size: 199 bytes
2# Makefile for the RDC321x specific parts of the kernel
4obj-$(CONFIG_X86_RDC321X)        := gpio.o platform.o pci.o reboot.o boards/sitecom.o boards/ar525w.o boards/bifferboard.o boards/r8610.o
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