source: trunk/target/linux/rdc/patches-2.6.30/012-export_erase_write.patch @ 20294

Last change on this file since 20294 was 20294, checked in by florian, 7 years ago

[rdc] rework board detection

Rework board detection, separate board specific code into its own file. As a
result we also change the way rdc images are generated.
Support for board which required binary tools, like AMIT are dropped. Patch by
Bernhard Loos.

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  • drivers/mtd/mtdblock.c

    old new  
    4545        wake_up(wait_q); 
    48 static int erase_write (struct mtd_info *mtd, unsigned long pos, 
     48int erase_write (struct mtd_info *mtd, unsigned long pos, 
    4949                        int len, const char *buf) 
    5151        struct erase_info erase; 
  • include/linux/mtd/mtd.h

    old new  
    319319int default_mtd_readv(struct mtd_info *mtd, struct kvec *vecs, 
    320320                      unsigned long count, loff_t from, size_t *retlen); 
     322int erase_write (struct mtd_info *mtd, unsigned long pos, 
     323                      int len, const char *buf); 
    322326#ifdef CONFIG_MTD_PARTITIONS 
    323327void mtd_erase_callback(struct erase_info *instr); 
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