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1config SND_JZ4740_SOC
2        tristate "SoC Audio for Ingenic JZ4740 SoC"
3        depends on SOC_JZ4740 && SND_SOC
4        help
5          Say Y or M if you want to add support for codecs attached to
6          the Jz4740 AC97, I2S or SSP interface. You will also need
7          to select the audio interfaces to support below.
9config SND_JZ4740_SOC_QI_LB60
10        tristate "SoC Audio support for Qi Hardware Ben Nanonote"
11        depends on SND_JZ4740_SOC && JZ4740_QI_LB60
12        select SND_JZ4740_SOC_I2S
13    select SND_SOC_JZCODEC
14        help
15          Say Y if you want to add support for SoC audio of internal codec on Ingenic Jz4740 QI_LB60 board.
17config SND_JZ4740_SOC_N526
18        tristate "SoC Audio support for Hanvon N526 eBook reader"
19        depends on SND_JZ4740_SOC && JZ4740_N526
20        select SND_JZ4740_SOC_I2S
21    select SND_SOC_JZCODEC
22        help
23          Say Y if you want to enable support for SoC audio on the Hanvon N526.
25config SND_JZ4740_SOC_I2S
26        depends on SND_JZ4740_SOC
27        tristate "SoC Audio (I2S protocol) for Ingenic jz4740 chip"
28        help
29          Say Y if you want to use I2S protocol and I2S codec on Ingenic Jz4740 QI_LB60 board.
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