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[toolchain/eglibc] drop support for eglibc version trunk/HEAD

When selecting a specific eglibc version, it comes with a specific SVN
revision that should not be modified as it (more or less) correspond to
a tagged release. This patch disable the possibility to select a specific
SVN revision on known eglib versions.

This patch also disables the possibility to select the trunk branch of
eglibc. There are multiple reasons for that:

  • trunk/HEAD may not even compile
  • the OpenWrt built system makes using trunk/HEAD a difficult thing, as

OpenWRT fetches the source tree and store it in a compressed tar archive.
Subsequent build get the source from the tar archive - not from SVN,
making the use of trunk/HEAD largelly innefective.

  • we cannot know the corresponding version of trunk/HEAD, meaning that

we'll face compiling issues when we'll try to copy the libc files -
unless the build system is fixed with this specific issue in mind.

Signed-off-by: Emmanuel Deloget <logout@…>

File size: 632 bytes
2        prompt "eglibc version"
3        depends on TOOLCHAINOPTS && USE_EGLIBC
4        default EGLIBC_VERSION_2_13
5        help
6          Select the version of eglibc you wish to use.
8        config EGLIBC_VERSION_2_13
9                bool "eglibc 2.13"
10                depends !GCC_VERSION_LLVM
12        config EGLIBC_VERSION_2_14
13                bool "eglibc 2.14"
14                depends !GCC_VERSION_LLVM
19        string
20        prompt "eglibc revision"
21        depends on TOOLCHAINOPTS && USE_EGLIBC
22        default "15508" if EGLIBC_VERSION_2_13
23        default "16488" if EGLIBC_VERSION_2_14
24        default ""
26menu "eglibc configuration"
27        depends on TOOLCHAINOPTS && USE_EGLIBC
28        source toolchain/eglibc/config/
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