source: trunk/toolchain/uClibc/patches-0.9.32/170-math_finite.patch @ 21856

Last change on this file since 21856 was 21856, checked in by mirko, 7 years ago

add support for uClibc version 0.9.32 based on git rev a7642511b08b0b8a4012bab67cb8aa554992df6b,
this includes support for nptl which got merged into the uClibc master branch recently

File size: 647 bytes
  • include/math.h

    a b libm_hidden_proto(signgam) 
    200200/* ISO C99 defines some generic macros which work on any data type.  */ 
    201 #ifdef __USE_ISOC99 
     201#if defined(__USE_ISOC99) || defined(__USE_BSD) 
    203203/* Get the architecture specific values describing the floating-point 
    204204   evaluation.  The following symbols will get defined: 
    319319#endif /* Use ISO C99.  */ 
     321/* BSD compat */ 
     322#define finite(x) __finite(x) 
     323#define finitef(x) __finitef(x) 
     324#define finitel(x) __finitel(x) 
    321326#ifdef  __USE_MISC 
    322327/* Support for various different standard error handling behaviors.  */ 
    323328typedef enum 
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