source: trunk/toolchain/uClibc/patches-0.9.32/200-no_forced_unwind.patch @ 26547

Last change on this file since 26547 was 26547, checked in by nbd, 6 years ago

uClibc: forced unwind for pthread_cancel handling is broken and triggers spurious abort() calls from libgcc. disable it and use the other method instead

File size: 244 bytes
  • Rules.mak

    a b endif 
    639639ifeq ($(UCLIBC_HAS_THREADS),y) 
    640640ifeq ($(UCLIBC_HAS_THREADS_NATIVE),y) 
    641641        PTNAME := nptl 
    642         CFLAGS += -DHAVE_FORCED_UNWIND 
    644643ifeq ($(LINUXTHREADS_OLD),y) 
    645644        PTNAME := linuxthreads.old 
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