source: trunk/tools/squashfs/patches/100-lzma.patch @ 15595

Last change on this file since 15595 was 15595, checked in by nbd, 8 years ago

rename tools/lzma to tools/lzma-old (preparation for adding a new lzma version)

  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
File size: 719 bytes
  • squashfs-tools/Makefile

    a b all: mksquashfs unsquashfs 
    78mksquashfs: mksquashfs.o read_fs.o sort.o 
    89        $(CC) mksquashfs.o read_fs.o sort.o -lz -o $@ 
     11mksquashfs-lzma: mksquashfs.o read_fs.o sort.o 
     12        $(CXX) mksquashfs.o read_fs.o sort.o -L$(LZMAPATH) -llzma-old -o $@ 
    1014mksquashfs.o: mksquashfs.c squashfs_fs.h mksquashfs.h global.h sort.h 
    1216read_fs.o: read_fs.c squashfs_fs.h read_fs.h global.h 
    sort.o: sort.c squashfs_fs.h global.h so 
    1620unsquashfs: unsquashfs.o 
    1721        $(CC) unsquashfs.o -lz -o $@ 
     23unsquashfs-lzma: unsquashfs.o 
     24        $(CXX) unsquashfs.o -L$(LZMAPATH) -llzma-old -o $@ 
    1926unsquashfs.o: unsquashfs.c squashfs_fs.h read_fs.h global.h 
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