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(edit) @3321   12 years olli fix patches and closes #350
(edit) @3320   12 years kaloz reenable unsupported targets on DEVELOPER=1, add binutils and …
(edit) @3319   12 years mbm clean up firewall examples
(edit) @3318   12 years mbm more cleanups; you guys are getting sloppy
(edit) @3317   12 years mbm move S50cron's mkdir out of runtime; create the directories as part of the …
(edit) @3316   12 years mbm cleanups
(edit) @3315   12 years nbd fix typo
(edit) @3314   12 years nbd add danish webif translation written by Dabian
(edit) @3313   12 years nbd update click
(edit) @3312   12 years nbd fix ar7 default config
(edit) @3311   12 years florian Fit new download page layout, thanks to Fabian Deutsch for …
(edit) @3310   12 years florian Fit new download page layout, thanks to Fabian Deutsch for …
(edit) @3309   12 years florian Disables inclusion of host includes ( /usrc/include/ ) as we don't provide …
(edit) @3308   12 years florian Disable zaptel.h detection on host system, may break compilation when …
(edit) @3307   12 years florian Disable X support, fixes compilation errors
(edit) @3306   12 years nbd fix ar7 image builder
(edit) @3305   12 years nbd add madwifi-old
(edit) @3304   12 years florian Fixed compile-time dependencies name, and control file
(edit) @3303   12 years florian Added jamvm, a lightweitght java virtual machine, thanks to Markus Suvern
(edit) @3302   12 years nbd add gcc 4.1.0
(edit) @3301   12 years nbd fix php5 build
(edit) @3300   12 years nbd fix php4 build
(edit) @3299   12 years nbd update heyu
(edit) @3298   12 years nbd update dsniff to 2.4b1 and fix some compile issues
(edit) @3297   12 years nbd update spca5xx (fix broken link)
(edit) @3296   12 years florian Changed download site
(edit) @3295   12 years florian Added igmpproxy, an IGMP daemon
(edit) @3294   12 years nbd fix missing part of the rtsp kernel patch
(edit) @3293   12 years nbd finally fix wl0_distance setting for client mode
(edit) @3292   12 years florian Removed SIP connection tracking helper, licence unclear, unresolved …
(edit) @3291   12 years nbd fix libgd dependency problem
(edit) @3290   12 years florian Remove SIP connection tracking helpers, licence unclear, too many …
(edit) @3289   12 years florian Added sipp and ctorrent
(edit) @3288   12 years nbd add the 'click' package with roofnet scripts (thanks to John Bicket)
(edit) @3287   12 years nbd update madwifi
(edit) @3286   12 years florian Add memcmp symbol to kernel, closes #331
(edit) @3285   12 years mbm cleanup
(edit) @3284   12 years florian Added support for : save-password( --enable-password-save), smaller …
(edit) @3283   12 years florian Added sipp, useful SIP protocol tester
(edit) @3282   12 years florian Added ctorrent, statically compiled for the moment (need uClibc++ fixes)
(edit) @3281   12 years nbd default to gcc 3.4.4 for brcm-2.4 because of weird kernel problems
(edit) @3280   12 years nbd merge and
(edit) @3279   12 years nbd add italian webif translation (by Oscar Francia)
(edit) @3278   12 years nbd tweak distance control based on experimentation and fix minor glitch in …
(edit) @3277   12 years florian Updated to latest version
(edit) @3276   12 years florian Endianess and os-specific fixes
(edit) @3275   12 years nbd add wl0_distance parameter
(edit) @3274   12 years florian Removed uneeded and confusing auto* lines, thanks to mjt for reporting …
(edit) @3273   12 years florian Corrected patch, closes #326
(edit) @3272   12 years olli fix mararc config file and maradns init script, closes #323
(edit) @3271   12 years nbd fix make target/linux/package/*-clean
(edit) @3270   12 years florian Add support for sch_esfq, iproute2 support will be coming soon
(edit) @3269   12 years olli fix description field
(edit) @3268   12 years florian Added support for most common USB serial adapters, closes #321
(edit) @3267   12 years florian Updated to 3.7p1 and add support for adjtimex, thanks to Darren Tucker. …
(edit) @3266   12 years florian Updated to 3.7p1, and add adjtimex patch, thanks to Darren Tucker ! Closes …
(edit) @3265   12 years mbm update openssl to 0.9.8
(edit) @3264   12 years nbd remove 'erase nvram' option from webif firmware upgrade page
(edit) @3263   12 years florian Added hci_usb to kmod-bluetooth. Closes #316
(edit) @3262   12 years mbm more irq patches and cleanups
(edit) @3261   12 years mbm correction
(edit) @3260   12 years nico update tor to latest stable release (v0.1.0.17)
(edit) @3259   12 years nico update tor to latest stable release (v0.1.0.17)
(edit) @3258   12 years nico add CP variable (should ease backporting)
(edit) @3257   12 years mbm Add jwright's madwifi endian patch
(edit) @3256   12 years nbd fix typo
(edit) @3255   12 years nbd add webif-configurable scripts for firewalling and port forwarding
(edit) @3254   12 years nbd add mostlyclean target to setserial
(edit) @3253   12 years nbd small defaults fix for ieee80211-dscape
(edit) @3252   12 years nbd fix defaults/depends for httping menuconfig
(edit) @3251   12 years nbd add net-snmp to DEV_LIBS
(edit) @3250   12 years mbm add interrupt debugging; fix bug with the AP60 interrupt handler
(edit) @3249   12 years nbd fix for madwifi radiotap support (patch by jwright)
(edit) @3248   12 years nbd restart dnsmasq when lan settings change
(edit) @3247   12 years olli fix bind build (add missing bind control files)
(edit) @3246   12 years olli fix small typo
(edit) @3245   12 years olli update pmacct to new upstream release and add SQLite database support, the …
(edit) @3244   12 years nbd fix rootfs mount after 'mtd erase OpenWrt'
(edit) @3243   12 years florian Added logrotate, fixed CP call in httping, added bind splitting, thanks to …
(edit) @3242   12 years nico update freeradius to 1.0.5 (backport from trunk), add -detail, …
(edit) @3241   12 years mbm fix the "sed ... unterminated `s' command" error
(edit) @3240   12 years florian Cleaning up patch
(edit) @3239   12 years nbd fix pciutils build
(edit) @3238   12 years florian Fixed obsolete head calls
(edit) @3237   12 years florian Fixed ticket #310, unresolved symbol is fixed Also fixed rtsp module, …
(edit) @3236   12 years florian Added httping compile dependency as it now can be built with SSL support
(edit) @3235   12 years olli fix description field in the p910nd control file
(edit) @3234   12 years olli fix elhttp build
(edit) @3233   12 years mbm massive rewrite of firstboot
(edit) @3232   12 years florian Added support for SSL
(edit) @3231   12 years florian changed cp for $(CP), reverted wrong package/config/Makefile CP
(edit) @3230   12 years florian Added httping
(edit) @3229   12 years florian Fixed wrong module name for usbatm
(edit) @3228   12 years nbd name sercomm-based ar7 images (dg834/compatible) .img instead of .bin, …
(edit) @3227   12 years nbd disable ppp filter support by default (adds unnecessary bloat by requiring …
(edit) @3226   12 years mbm remove; causes errors
(edit) @3225   12 years mbm cleanup preinit; move failsafe into preinit
(edit) @3224   12 years mbm patch find to allow multiple -type arguments
(edit) @3223   12 years nbd add patch from #196
(edit) @3222   12 years nbd go back to previous behavior of copying only (not …
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