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(edit) @33081   5 years jow [backfire] merge r32648 and r32649 (#12005)
(edit) @32751   5 years jow [backfire] crda: do not build for brcm-2.4 (#11874)
(edit) @32561   5 years jow [backfire] merge r32127
(edit) @32191   5 years jogo backfire: bcm63xx: don't generate DSL-2740B images The backfire kernel …
(edit) @32128   5 years jow [backfire] mklibs: merge r31259
(edit) @32123   5 years nbd swconfig: depend on !LINUX_2_4 in backfire
(edit) @32105   5 years nbd toolchain: mark eglibc/glibc as broken in backfire
(edit) @32037   5 years mirko [toolchain/binutils] set PKG_SOURCE_URL to …
(edit) @31820   5 years jow [backfire] openssl: update to v0.9.8x (CVE-2012-2131, CVE-2012-2333)
(edit) @31676   5 years jow [backfire] scripts/remote-gdb: merge r23406, r23407 and r26885
(edit) @31348   5 years jow [backfire] openssl: update to v0.9.8v (CVE-2012-2110)
(edit) @31328   5 years jow [backfire] merge r31327
(edit) @31321   5 years nbd mac80211: fix ad-hoc mode 802.11n channel type
(edit) @31290   5 years jow [backfire] backport r31289, remove default repo (#11280)
(edit) @31273   5 years jow [backfire] adjust version defaults (#11280)
(edit) @31272   5 years jow [backfire] merge r31271
(edit) @31269   5 years jow [backfire] merge r31267, r31268
(edit) @31266   5 years nbd ath9k: fix sleep mode handling issues, should improve client mode …
(edit) @31264   5 years jow [backfire] merge r31258
(edit) @31263   5 years jow [backfire] backport r31262
(edit) @31251   5 years jow [backfire] merge r30927
(edit) @31250   5 years jow [backfire] merge r31249
(edit) @31217   5 years jogo backfire: package/kernel: fix target dependency logic !A||!B is always …
(edit) @31156   5 years jow [backfire] libnl-tiny: backport r31155
(edit) @31074   5 years florian [backfire] backport r31073
(edit) @30898   5 years jow [backfire] netfilter: fix ipt_ttl and ipt_TTL userspace library packaging
(edit) @30807   5 years jow [backfire] uhttpd: merge r30806
(edit) @30752   5 years hauke backfire: mac80211: b43: backport of r30665 mac80211: fix memory leak on …
(edit) @30740   5 years nbd ath5k: merge calibration fixes from r30623, r30624
(edit) @30739   5 years nbd generic: rtl8366{s,rb}: remove the PHY driver. (backport of r26600) Since …
(edit) @30725   5 years jow [backfire] tools: merge r30479
(edit) @30724   5 years nbd ar71xx: fix rtl8366rb support on wzr-hp-g300nh (patch by igor from #11021)
(edit) @30715   5 years jow [backfire] dropbear: patch possible use after free by authenticated remote …
(edit) @30646   6 years jow [backfire] generic-2.4: rebase netfilter patches after RTSP removal
(edit) @30365   6 years jow [backfire] usbreset: merge r29611
(edit) @30364   6 years jow [backfire] firewall: merge r30363
(edit) @30306   6 years jow [backfire] now that xtables-addons is merged from trunk, drop broken RTSP …
(edit) @30163   6 years jow [backfire] base-files: backport r28834, r28857, r28864, r28865, r28870, …
(edit) @30028   6 years jow [backfire] generic-2.6: enable inotify support - backport of r27853
(edit) @30018   6 years jow [backfire] switch to packages_10.03.2 feed
(edit) @30012   6 years nbd ath9k: backport fixes from r30009, r30010
(edit) @30011   6 years nbd mac80211: remove accidentally committed file
(edit) @29993   6 years jow [backfire] iwinfo: backport r29992
(edit) @29984   6 years jow [backfire] mkimage: backport Darwin 10.7 fix from r27917
(edit) @29983   6 years jow [backfire] tools: merge r27916 (OS X 10.7 getline fix)
(edit) @29982   6 years jow [branches] backfire: backport cmake integration updates from trunk
(edit) @29980   6 years jow [backfire] merge automake Makefile from trunk
(edit) @29968   6 years jow [backfire] switch back to LuCI 0.10 branch for post-release fixes
(edit) @29961   6 years jow [backfire] toolchain: fix paths after relocation from usr/ (#10876)
(edit) @29952   6 years jow [backfire] merge r29951
(edit) @29950   6 years jow [backfire] toolchain: fix gcc 3.4.6 (brcm-2.4) after relocation from usr/, …
(edit) @29949   6 years jow [backfire] scripts: merge r29944 - r29948
(edit) @29943   6 years hauke brcm47xx: backport r29923 fix cardbus host controller
(edit) @29938   6 years jow [backfire] cmake: fix compiler paths after toolchain relocation (#10870)
(edit) @29933   6 years jow [backfire] toolchain: relocate gcc, binutils and tools from /usr/ prefix …
(edit) @29932   6 years jow [backfire] tools: merge r29931
(edit) @29930   6 years jow [backfire] tools: merge r29929
(edit) @29928   6 years jow [backfire] sdk: merge r29927
(edit) @29926   6 years jow [backfire] buildroot: adjust TARGET_PATH in external toolchain case
(edit) @29925   6 years jow [backfire] scripts, toolchain: backport external toolchain integration and …
(edit) @29924   6 years jow [backfire] tools: backport quilt, bison, libtool, autoconf and automake …
(edit) @29921   6 years nbd ath9k: revert one more linux upstream commit in the initvals to fully fix …
(edit) @29919   6 years nbd ath9k: fix initvals for high-power ar938x devices (backport of r29918)
(edit) @29902   6 years jow [backfire] merge r29901
(edit) @29892   6 years juhosg backfire: ImageBuilder: respect the PROFILE parameter (backport of r29877)
(edit) @29859   6 years jow [backfire] iwinfo: merge memory leak fix from r29723
(edit) @29833   6 years jow [backfire] openssl: update to v0.9.8t (CVE-2012-0050)
(edit) @29746   6 years nbd ath9k: fix handling of the KeyMiss flag for received packets - fixes …
(edit) @29685   6 years nbd ath9k: merge a channel change fix from linux-wireless (backport of r29684)
(edit) @29671   6 years jow [backfire] openssl: bump to v0.9.8s (CVE-2011-4108, CVE-2011-4109, …
(edit) @29661   6 years juhosg backfire: ar71xx: fixes some stuffs for TP-LINK TL-MR3420 The patch fixes …
(edit) @29608   6 years nbd mac80211: disable b43 bcma support, fixes a compile error
(edit) @29607   6 years nbd mac80211: merge setup script fix from r29606
(edit) @29599   6 years nbd mac80211: backport from trunk
(edit) @29596   6 years jow [backfire] change release number from -RC6 to 10.03.1 final, binaries …
(edit) @29592   6 years jow [backfire] switch to LuCI v0.10.0 feed
(edit) @29588   6 years jow [backfire] base-files: backport r29587
(edit) @29578   6 years jow [backfire] firewall: merge r29577
(edit) @29520   6 years jow [backfire] dnsmasq: backport r29375
(edit) @29508   6 years jow [backfire] hostapd: merge r29507
(edit) @29502   6 years jow [backfire] block-mount: do not hotplug-mount partitions marked as overlay …
(edit) @29500   6 years jow [backfire] base-files, opkg: remove -RC6 suffix
(edit) @29478   6 years jow [backfire] openssl: update to v0.9.8r (CVE-2010-4180)
(edit) @29420   6 years nico [backfire] toolchain: prune empty directories
(edit) @29419   6 years nico [backfire] targets: rename "files-2.6.x" directories to "files"
(edit) @29418   6 years jow [backfire] iwinfo: merge r29417
(edit) @29405   6 years jow [backfire] merge r29403
(edit) @29399   6 years nico package/kernel: don't depend on kmod-usb-storage when it's built-in
(edit) @29398   6 years nico [backfire] backport r29337 (targets: fix CONFIG_USB_STORAGE_* …
(edit) @29342   6 years nbd ath9k: fix a regression in touching power mode related registers (backport …
(edit) @29339   6 years nbd ath9k: enable ANI on ar913x, should noticeably improve stability in noisy …
(edit) @29335   6 years nico [backfire] package/kernel: do not build kmod-usb-storage-extras on targets …
(edit) @29334   6 years juhosg backfire: ar71xx: modify phy mask of the WP543 board (backport of r29328) …
(edit) @29323   6 years jow [backfire] ar71xx: merge r28380
(edit) @29322   6 years nico [backfire] package/busybox: add patch missing from r29315 (oops)
(edit) @29321   6 years nico [backfire] target: standardize config file & patches dir names (2.6) * …
(edit) @29320   6 years nico [backfire] target: remove empty "ifxmips" dir
(edit) @29319   6 years nico [backfire] target: remove empty "octeon" dir
(edit) @29318   6 years nico [backfire] target: remove empty "cobalt" dir
(edit) @29317   6 years nico [backfire] tools: merge r29293 (use host build_dir instead of target …
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