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(edit) @22979   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22978
(edit) @22974   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22973
(edit) @22972   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22949
(edit) @22971   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22948
(edit) @22970   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22947, r22960
(edit) @22969   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22946
(edit) @22964   6 years blogic [ifxmips] fixes stray "f" that was mistakenly added in [22958], fixes …
(edit) @22962   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22630, r22692, r22805
(edit) @22958   6 years blogic [ifxmips] merge [22957] in backfire extracted firmware files were …
(edit) @22951   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22806
(edit) @22940   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22889, r22893 and r22897
(edit) @22939   6 years jow [backfire] firewall: backport SNAT support from trunk
(edit) @22936   6 years nbd ar71xx: merge kconfig dependency fixes from r22935
(edit) @22909   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22908
(edit) @22907   6 years jow [backfire] firewall: backport NAT reflection from trunk
(edit) @22906   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22905
(edit) @22902   6 years jow [backfire] remove leftover debugging
(edit) @22901   6 years jow [backfire] backport masq_src and masq_dest options from trunk firewall
(edit) @22898   6 years jow [backfire] enable SysRq for all platforms, remove overrides in octeon and …
(edit) @22857   6 years nbd rtl8366_smi: backport vlan fix from r22856
(edit) @22855   6 years nbd hostapd: backport the STBC fix from r22854
(edit) @22853   6 years florian backport r22852
(edit) @22842   6 years jow [backfire] fix another typo
(edit) @22841   6 years jow [backfire] fix typo in previous commit
(edit) @22840   6 years jow [backfire] include a brcm-2.4 profile for the WRT610N
(edit) @22828   6 years nbd ath9k: merge aggregation fix from r22827
(edit) @22826   6 years nbd ath9k: merge mic failure fix changes from r22825
(edit) @22796   6 years nbd ath9k: merge mic failure fix from r22795
(edit) @22778   6 years florian backport r22727, r22728, r22770 and r22771
(edit) @22758   6 years agb [backfire] merge r22757 [tools] qemu: add dependency on libuuid
(edit) @22752   6 years agb [backfire] merge r22751 [tools] qemu: fix build failure on some systems. …
(edit) @22745   6 years agb [backfire] merge r21702
(edit) @22711   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22710
(edit) @22709   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22708
(edit) @22689   6 years nbd ath9k: merge aggregation fix from r22688
(edit) @22684   6 years florian delete now obsolete 050-wrt350nv2_cfi_workaround.patch
(edit) @22682   6 years florian r22680 also applies to 2.6.32
(edit) @22681   6 years florian refresh patch for ifxmips
(edit) @22680   6 years florian sync backfire with trunk for samsung flash patches, thanks maddes (#7348)
(edit) @22679   6 years florian backport r22587 to backfire
(edit) @22678   6 years nbd ar71xx: merge the ar7240 switch driver from r22675
(edit) @22677   6 years nbd merge swconfig (+drivers) improvements from trunk
(edit) @22676   6 years nbd ar71xx: merge ethernet driver performance fixes from trunk
(edit) @22673   6 years nico [backfire] x86/image: restore grub console for generic images (closes: …
(edit) @22670   6 years nico [backfire] merge r22667 package/grub: add a prereq check for 32 bits host …
(edit) @22657   6 years juhosg backfire: gneric: fix LED control on the RTL8366 switches (backport of …
(edit) @22633   6 years nico [backfire] merge r22632 package/kernel: enable raw HID device support in …
(edit) @22626   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22625
(edit) @22615   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22614
(edit) @22608   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22602 & r22607
(edit) @22606   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22605
(edit) @22601   6 years nico [backfire] target/x86: add missing kernel debug symbols, fix kconfig going …
(edit) @22600   6 years nico [backfire] merge r21807 add package for script from util-linux-ng (#7416)
(edit) @22599   6 years nico [backfire] fix dependency issue introduced by r22598 (x86 has no …
(edit) @22598   6 years nico [backfire] backport r22597 package/kernel: video: add missing …
(edit) @22594   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22593
(edit) @22590   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22589
(edit) @22586   6 years florian backport r22585 to backfire, thanks maddes
(edit) @22581   6 years florian backport r22580 to backfire
(edit) @22577   6 years florian pupdate wrt350nv2-builder to v2.3 (#7580)
(edit) @22566   6 years florian backport r22259 to backfire
(edit) @22565   6 years florian remove rdc 2.6.32 support from backfire, not used
(edit) @22562   6 years nico [backfire] merge r22561 package/comgt: only set pincode if it's supplied …
(edit) @22556   6 years agb [backfire] merge r22553 [x86] image: use internal qemu-img for vmdk and …
(edit) @22555   6 years agb [backfire] merge r22552 [tools] qemu: build qemu-img for packaging vmdk …
(edit) @22554   6 years agb [backfire] kernel: bump 2.6.32 targets to
(edit) @22551   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22397
(edit) @22546   6 years nbd merge rtl8366 switch fix from r22545
(edit) @22498   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22497
(edit) @22496   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22495
(edit) @22494   6 years nbd mac80211: merge changes from latest trunk into backfire
(edit) @22454   6 years nico [backfire] merge r22453 * fix typo
(edit) @22391   6 years nbd mac80211: backport latest version from trunk into backfire
(edit) @22378   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22377
(edit) @22371   6 years nbd ar71xx: backport nanostation m sysupgrade fix from r22370
(edit) @22364   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22363
(edit) @22356   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22355
(edit) @22339   6 years jow [backfire] merge r22338
(edit) @22337   6 years nbd backport scripts/env init fix from r22336
(edit) @22335   6 years nbd squashfs4: backport the mode fix from r22334
(edit) @22333   6 years nbd merge the crashlog feature from r22305, r22326
(edit) @22332   6 years nbd merge the kernel debug collect option from r22327
(edit) @22331   6 years nbd merge the kernel debug option from r22325
(edit) @22330   6 years nbd merge the kernel config cleanup that was added to trunk as part of r20837
(edit) @22329   6 years nbd add missing kernel config symbols
(edit) @22269   7 years nico [backfire] merge r22251 dnsmasq: initscript: fix bool options handling, …
(edit) @22228   7 years jow [backfire] firewall: allow redirecting only destination port (#7197)
(edit) @22223   7 years jow [backfire] merge r21523, r21871 & r22222
(edit) @22216   7 years jow [backfire] firewall: consider zones referenced by redirects as conntracked …
(edit) @22209   7 years jow [backfire] merge r21589, r21612 and r22102
(edit) @22207   7 years nico [backfire] package/mac80211: don't build on 2.4
(edit) @22177   7 years nbd [backfire] enable ipv6 support for packages by default (r22176)
(edit) @22153   7 years nbd [backfire] merge ath9k fixes from r22152
(edit) @22127   7 years nbd [backfire] merge ath9k noise floor calibration fix from r22126
(edit) @22124   7 years nbd [backfire] merge ath9k fixes from r22123
(edit) @22121   7 years nico [backfire] merge r21572 package/carl9170: update to (closes: …
(edit) @22113   7 years nbd [backfire] broadcom-diag: merge SimpleTech SimpleShare fix from r22112
(edit) @22111   7 years nbd [backfire] merge b44 spam fix from r22110
(edit) @22089   7 years nbd [backfire] backport mac80211 fixes from trunk
(edit) @22076   7 years nbd [backfire] ar71xx: backport ethernet regression fix from r22075
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