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(edit) @27647   6 years jow [backfire] merge r27646
(edit) @27638   6 years florian backport r27637
(edit) @27636   6 years jow [backfire] backport r27635
(edit) @27631   6 years jow [backfire] backport r27630
(edit) @27629   6 years jow [backfire] merge r27628
(edit) @27627   6 years nbd swconfig: make reset and enable_vlan default to 1 (based on patch by …
(edit) @27626   6 years nbd swconfig: avoid setting "NOVAL" attributes if "0" was provided as a value …
(edit) @27617   6 years jow [backfire] backport r27616
(edit) @27615   6 years jow [backfire] backport r27614
(edit) @27608   6 years nbd ath9k: add some more fixes to the mic failure handling rework patch, …
(edit) @27606   6 years nbd mac80211: fix compile errors because of duplicate atomic64 implementations …
(edit) @27597   6 years nbd ath9k: fix mic frame handling for bigger packets (backport of r27596)
(edit) @27595   6 years jow [backfire] switch packages feed to the 10.03.1 branch
(edit) @27579   6 years jow [backfire] backport r24631, needed for at least gstreamer on backfire
(edit) @27576   6 years blogic wrong md5sum in ltq-ifxos backport r27575 to backfire
(edit) @27574   6 years nbd mac80211, ath9k: update to latest trunk as of r27572
(edit) @27573   6 years nbd hostapd: backport fixes from r27569, r27570
(edit) @27561   6 years blogic set correct board in tapidemo when building a falcon image
(edit) @27548   6 years blogic add 2 new kmod defines for at24/25
(edit) @27547   6 years blogic adds lantiq packages/drivers
(edit) @27546   6 years blogic add new lantiq target
(edit) @27545   6 years blogic add atm header patch needed by ltq-dsl
(edit) @27544   6 years blogic drop ifxmips
(edit) @27450   6 years jow [backfire] merge r27449
(edit) @27437   6 years nbd kernel: use lib80211 from compat-wireless instead of the kernel (backport …
(edit) @27435   6 years nbd ath5k,ath9k: merge minor fixes from r27432, r27433
(edit) @27431   6 years nbd mac80211: backport latest version from trunk as of r27395
(edit) @27430   6 years nbd iw: backport the ibss ht patch
(edit) @27429   6 years nbd kernel: backport the ssb_commit_settings export, required for the new …
(edit) @27257   6 years jow [backfire] merge r27256
(edit) @27227   6 years jow [backfire] merge r27226
(edit) @27199   6 years jow [backfire] merge r27198
(edit) @27197   6 years jow [backfire] merge r27196
(edit) @27180   6 years jow [backfire] backport r27179
(edit) @27164   6 years jow [backfire] merge r27163
(edit) @27161   6 years jow [backfire] merge r27160
(edit) @27148   6 years jow [backfire] merge r27147
(edit) @27146   6 years jow [backfire] merge r27145
(edit) @27133   6 years jow [backfire] merge r27132
(edit) @27115   6 years thepeople update to RC5
(edit) @27031   6 years nbd hostapd: backport current version from trunk as of r27021
(edit) @27015   6 years jow [backfire] re-add udevtrigger and hotplug2 to default packageset, partly …
(edit) @27002   6 years mirko [backport] [toolchain/uclibc] use 'fputws_unlocked(S,F)' instead of …
(edit) @26992   6 years nbd base-files: fix brcm-2.4 issues in r26991
(edit) @26991   6 years nbd base-files: make the MAC address of bridge interfaces sticky to avoid ARP …
(edit) @26989   6 years jow [backfire] merge r26988
(edit) @26987   6 years jow [backfire] merge r26986
(edit) @26985   6 years nbd ar71xx: merge latest ag71xx changes from trunk, fix wrong argument to …
(edit) @26972   6 years jow [backfire] brcm-2.4: filter udevtrigger and hotplug2 from default package …
(edit) @26971   6 years jow [backfire] generic-2.4: fix missing symbol in ip6tables REJECT target on …
(edit) @26969   6 years jow [backfire] merge r26968
(edit) @26962   6 years jow [backfire] merge r26961
(edit) @26931   6 years jow [backfire] merge r26930
(edit) @26917   6 years nbd ath9k: backport beacon related fixes from r26913, r26915
(edit) @26916   6 years nbd mac80211: refresh patches
(edit) @26909   6 years jow [backfire] merge r26908
(edit) @26907   6 years jow [backfire] backport r26906
(edit) @26888   6 years jow [backfire] uclibc: backport strverscmp(), versionsort() and …
(edit) @26851   6 years jow [backfire] backport r26808 and r26848
(edit) @26850   6 years jow [backfire] backport r26807
(edit) @26849   6 years jow [backfire] merge r26809, r26810 and r26816
(edit) @26820   6 years nbd ath9k: add noise floor calibration fix that should improve stability, …
(edit) @26799   6 years nbd ath9k: add a new fix for signal strength / noise measurements (backport of …
(edit) @26796   6 years nbd mac80211: detect and drop incoming packets with invalid CCMP packet …
(edit) @26786   6 years jow [backfire] merge r24238 & r26785
(edit) @26774   6 years jow [backfire] merge r26773
(edit) @26769   6 years nbd mac80211: backport some more compat fixes, fix compile issues on 2.6.31 …
(edit) @26767   6 years thepeople bump to 10.03.1-RC5
(edit) @26766   6 years nbd mac80211: broadcast the country IE by default if the country code is …
(edit) @26763   6 years nbd mac80211: update to the latest version from trunk
(edit) @26741   6 years jow [backfire] merge r26740
(edit) @26726   6 years nbd hostapd: fix bridge handling for wds stations (#9257), backport of r26724
(edit) @26725   6 years nbd mac80211: re-enable beacon channel hints (backport of r26723)
(edit) @26713   6 years nbd ath9k: merge powersave fix from r26712
(edit) @26686   6 years nbd ath5k: allow simultaneous ad-hoc+ap operation (backport of r26685)
(edit) @26674   6 years nbd adm5120: fix promiscuous mode handling (patch from #8581), backport of …
(edit) @26672   6 years nbd ar71xx: sync ethernet driver changes with trunk to fix MDIO issues on …
(edit) @26671   6 years nbd ar71xx: enable the ip17xx PHY driver (fixes #5193, #8027), backport of …
(edit) @26669   6 years nbd ath9k: due to popular request, allow ad-hoc+ap again, now that the beacon …
(edit) @26666   6 years nbd ath9k: fix resetting the hw when the MAC fails to go idle (backport of …
(edit) @26663   6 years nbd cfg80211: disable processing of 802.11d regulatory hints - it causes …
(edit) @26643   6 years jow [backfire] merge r26642
(edit) @26628   6 years nbd kernel: include firmware in the e100 package (backport of r26539)
(edit) @26621   6 years jow [backfire] merge r26620§
(edit) @26613   6 years nbd mac80211: merge some more fixes from trunk (fixes #9224)
(edit) @26612   6 years nbd hostapd: properly mark random data as ready if initialization succeeds …
(edit) @26610   6 years nbd mac80211: merge latest changes from trunk, fixes #9227
(edit) @26590   6 years jow [backfire] merge r26589
(edit) @26581   6 years nbd kernel: backport support for w25q64 flash chips - fixes flash detection on …
(edit) @26536   6 years nbd mac80211: update to trunk as of r26534
(edit) @26535   6 years nbd scripts/ backport changes from trunk
(edit) @26495   6 years nbd ath9k: fall back to the default noise floor if the calibrated one is not …
(edit) @26472   6 years nbd site: set ac_cv_sizeof_off_t=8 to fix autoconf applications using it for …
(edit) @26457   6 years nbd iptables: backport the libiptc split from r26292
(edit) @26456   6 years thepeople prepare for RC5
(edit) @26445   6 years nbd mac80211: increase delay between aggregation session negotiation attempts …
(edit) @26433   6 years nbd build: do not use shell calls to export empty opkg control files, speeds …
(edit) @26427   6 years nbd base-files: bridge config, avoid having a random ipv6 ll address (backport …
(edit) @26419   6 years nbd ath9k: fix missing chip wakeups causing instability issues on at least …
(edit) @26416   6 years nbd hostapd: update to latest trunk version (merge r26414, r26415)
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