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(edit) @16835   7 years florian [package] update libgphoto2 to 2.4.5 (#5510)
(edit) @15247   7 years nico [packages] remove 'svn:keywords' property on /packages as well, not needed …
(edit) @15244   7 years nbd nuke $Id$ in /packages as well
(edit) @12228   8 years nbd enable $(FPIC) for a few more packages
(edit) @10862   8 years olli [Packages] libs/libgphoto2 & multimedia/gphoto2: Update to 2.4.1
(edit) @10526   8 years olli [Packages] libs/libgphoto2: Update to 2.4.0
(edit) @9907   8 years nbd remove UninstallDev
(edit) @9695   8 years nbd packages: Use $(CP) instead of $(INSTALL_BIN) for binaries. …
(edit) @9349   9 years blogic remove PKG_CAT from packages
(edit) @9173   9 years blogic InstallDev should be using (1) and not (STAGING_DIR)
(edit) @9163   9 years blogic added our own pkg-config wrapper, making the sed foo on *.pc files …
(edit) @7942   9 years olli postgresql, libgphoto2: r7941 is a better fix for parallel builds
(edit) @7589   9 years florian Force 1 job at a time (#1867)
(edit) @6500   9 years pavlov huge propset, fixes eol-style on everything and sets keywords and …
(edit) @6246   9 years nico remove annoying recursive symlink
(edit) @5942   9 years nico update libgphoto2 to v2.3.1 (closes: #1105), add dependency on libiconv
(edit) @5822   9 years nico remove intrusive patch, proper fix is [5820], Makefile cleanup
(edit) @5624   10 years nbd replace lots of manual install commands with INSTALL_* variables
(edit) @5348   10 years nico massive Makefile cleanup, add missing 'svn:keywords' property
(edit) @5268   10 years florian Change licence to something shorter :-)
(edit) @5233   10 years nbd cleanup
(edit) @5091   10 years florian Set licence to trunk/LICENCE and copyright to "Copyright (C) 2006 …
(edit) @4902   10 years nbd add libltdl dependency to libgphoto2 now that the built-in one is disabled
(edit) @4901   10 years nbd clean up endianness selection
(edit) @4897   10 years nico don't use included ltdl lib, standardize
(add) @4797   10 years florian Add libgphoto2 to -ng
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