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(edit) @31607   5 years swalker [packages] postgresql: add missing libpthread depends
(edit) @29199   6 years nico packages: add missing conffiles define
(edit) @27856   6 years jow [PATCH] #9863: don't export target $PROFILE into postgresql PROFILE is …
(edit) @25207   7 years jow [packages] remove usages of $(CONFIG_LARGEFILE) and $(DISABLE_LARGEFILE)
(edit) @24056   7 years hauke postgresql: update to version 9.0.1
(edit) @23852   7 years mb postgresql: deptest fixes. staging dir is not preserved. Put host-zic into …
(edit) @23755   7 years florian [package] update postgresql to 9.0.0 (#7999)
(edit) @23311   7 years mb postgresql: Parallel build fixes
(edit) @18891   8 years jow [packages] postgresql (lib): install pg_config_manual.h into staging dir …
(edit) @18816   8 years nico [packages] massive: use $(INSTALL_DIR) instead of 'mkdir -p' in install …
(edit) @15454   8 years nico [packages] remove libnotimpl, missing math functions are provided by …
(edit) @15247   8 years nico [packages] remove 'svn:keywords' property on /packages as well, not needed …
(edit) @15244   8 years nbd nuke $Id$ in /packages as well
(edit) @12228   9 years nbd enable $(FPIC) for a few more packages
(edit) @12122   9 years nbd postgresql does not support spinlocks on avr32
(edit) @11727   9 years florian Update posgresql to 8.3.3 (#3591)
(edit) @11408   9 years blogic bump postgresql to newer version, thanks KanjiMonster, #3520
(edit) @11141   9 years thepeople The attached patch includes /usr/share/postgresql/snowball_create.sql in …
(edit) @10503   10 years florian Fix postgresql installation when already compiled
(edit) @10500   10 years pavlov ln isnt a defined binary
(edit) @10408   10 years pavlov update to postgresql 8.3 and refresh patches
(edit) @10224   10 years agb packages: Remove duplicate dropdb line in postgresql, fixes package bulld.
(edit) @10223   10 years pavlov add in a couple more of the helper files and link postmaster to postgres, …
(edit) @10220   10 years pavlov update postgresql to 8.2.6
(edit) @9907   10 years nbd remove UninstallDev
(edit) @9695   10 years nbd packages: Use $(CP) instead of $(INSTALL_BIN) for binaries. …
(edit) @9352   10 years blogic more package submenus
(edit) @9349   10 years blogic remove PKG_CAT from packages
(edit) @9304   10 years blogic DESCRIPTION:= is obselete
(edit) @9173   10 years blogic InstallDev should be using (1) and not (STAGING_DIR)
(edit) @8876   10 years pavlov update to postgresql 8.2.5 and refresh patches
(edit) @8197   10 years pavlov upgrade to postgres 8.2.4, adds some crash fixes
(edit) @8195   10 years pavlov add readline support to postgres as well
(edit) @7942   10 years olli postgresql, libgphoto2: r7941 is a better fix for parallel builds
(edit) @7590   10 years florian Add the one job a a time fix from (#1866)
(edit) @6933   10 years pavlov fix pg_config needing to be compiled on the host env for php5
(edit) @6929   10 years nico remove the need for C99 math (closes: #1579)
(edit) @6928   10 years pavlov clean up postgresql
(edit) @6915   10 years pavlov postgresql upgrade to 8.2.3, bringing in the server as well... this needs …
(edit) @6248   11 years nico fix some misuses of the recently added EXTRA_{CFLAGS,CPPFLAGS,LDFLAGS} …
(edit) @5624   11 years nbd replace lots of manual install commands with INSTALL_* variables
(edit) @5610   11 years pavlov update to the latest 7.4.x version of postgresql.. security and other fun …
(edit) @5303   11 years pavlov grab the package from the real location
(edit) @5268   11 years florian Change licence to something shorter :-)
(edit) @5091   11 years florian Set licence to trunk/LICENCE and copyright to "Copyright (C) 2006 …
(edit) @4296   11 years nico change SECTION and CATEGORY to put packages in the right place, change …
(copy) @4143   11 years nico port postgresql (client library and cli) to buildroot-ng
copied from trunk/openwrt/package/postgresql/Makefile:
(edit) @3112   12 years mbm change cp to $(CP)
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