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(copy) @20742   6 years nico tag 10.03
copied from branches/backfire:
(edit) @20728   6 years nico [backfire] backport r20726 & r20727
(edit) @20724   6 years nbd ar71xx: remove pb92 images in backfire, the port is incomplete
(edit) @20723   6 years jow [backfire] merge r20722
(edit) @20721   6 years jow [backfire] merge r20720
(edit) @20719   6 years jow [backfire] switch LuCI feed to v0.9.0 tag
(edit) @20718   6 years jow [backfire] merge r20717
(edit) @20715   6 years nico [backfire] target/rdc: backport r20714
(edit) @20709   6 years nbd [backfire] ixp4xx: backport r20708
(edit) @20707   6 years nico [backfire] target/xburst: backport r20701
(edit) @20706   6 years nico [backfire] sysupgrade: backport r20703
(edit) @20705   6 years nico [backfire] target/xburst: backport r20698 (closes: #7012)
(edit) @20704   6 years nico [backfire] package/cyassl: backport r20692
(edit) @20695   6 years nico [backfire] netfilter: backport r20690, r20693 & r20694
(edit) @20688   6 years nico [backfire] kernel: backport r20664
(edit) @20687   6 years nico [backfire] opkg: backport r20686
(edit) @20677   6 years juhosg backfire: ar71xx: fix broken LAN ports on the boards with AR8216 switch …
(edit) @20676   6 years jow [backfire] merge r20675
(edit) @20672   6 years jow [backfire] merge r20668
(edit) @20671   6 years jow [backfire] merge r20669
(edit) @20670   6 years jow [backfire] merge r20656 (#7048)
(edit) @20667   6 years thepeople Release = Backfire, closes #7049
(edit) @20666   6 years nico [backfire] remove unused kernel config, files & patches in 10.03
(edit) @20665   6 years nico [backfire] remove targets not (yet) supported in 10.03
(edit) @20662   6 years thepeople update x-wrt url for backfire
(edit) @20660   6 years nico [backfire] opkg: set appropriate repository URLs in opkg.conf
(edit) @20659   6 years nico [backfire] add /etc/openwrt_release & /etc/openwrt_version files
(edit) @20658   6 years nico [backfire] change /etc/banner with appropriate version informations & …
(copy) @20655   6 years nico branch backfire (finally)
copied from trunk:
(edit) @20653   6 years florian [rdc] do not set CONFIG_NET_DEV_OPS (#7005)
(edit) @20652   6 years florian [brcm63xx] flashmap and image generation: reduced union bcm_tag to a …
(edit) @20651   6 years hauke brcm-2.4: fix commit r18413 "128MB ram problem" This was missing in …
(edit) @20650   6 years juhosg mac80211: remove MCU requests for SoC platforms in the rt2x00 driver The …
(edit) @20649   6 years acinonyx [package] base-files: Cancel firmware loading if file doesn't exist
(edit) @20648   6 years kaloz [x86]: add a subtarget and drivers for the Intel Tolapai SoC
(edit) @20642   6 years blogic [ifxmips] load firmware to /lib/firmware
(edit) @20641   6 years blogic [ifxmips] improve extract code
(edit) @20640   6 years blogic [ifxmips] adds proper md5sum to ifxos
(edit) @20639   6 years blogic [ifxmips] update os abstraction layer
(edit) @20638   6 years juhosg hostapd: fix build error caused by r20631
(edit) @20637   6 years blogic [ifxmips] adds voip support
(edit) @20636   6 years blogic [ifxmips] fix licensing issues of ifxmips dsl driver
(edit) @20635   6 years blogic [ifxmips] uboot only builds with gcc 3.4.6
(edit) @20632   6 years juhosg ramips: add wpad-mini to the default packages
(edit) @20631   6 years juhosg hostapd: enable CONFIG_IEEE80211N for the rt2800 driver as well
(edit) @20630   6 years juhosg select LZMA compressed initramfs by default for ramips
(edit) @20629   6 years juhosg mac80211: Enable rt2x00 debug if CONFIG_PACKAGE_RT2X00_DEBUG is selected …
(edit) @20628   6 years ralph [uboot-lantiq] cleanup configuration handling
(edit) @20627   6 years juhosg ramips: annotate device register function prototypes with init
(edit) @20626   6 years juhosg mac80211: fix a typo in rt2x00 config Fix a simple typo Signed-off-by: …
(edit) @20625   6 years juhosg ramips: register wifi device for the RT2880 based boards
(edit) @20624   6 years juhosg ramips: add wifi device for the RT2880 as well
(edit) @20623   6 years juhosg mac80211: add missing config file for the rt2x00
(edit) @20617   6 years jow [package] lua: drop refcounting patch in preparation for 10.03, it has …
(edit) @20616   6 years juhosg ramips: register wifi device on the rt305x based boards
(edit) @20615   6 years juhosg mac80211: enable building of the rt2800 on the ramips target
(edit) @20614   6 years juhosg ramips: sync kernel config
(edit) @20613   6 years blogic [ifxmips] prepare kernel for voip
(edit) @20610   6 years ralph [uboot-lantiq] httpd failsafe - add image check and flash access
(edit) @20606   6 years ralph [uboot-lantiq] add preliminary AR9 support attention: if caches enabled …
(edit) @20604   6 years ralph missing patch & config file
(edit) @20603   6 years ralph adding httpd - failsafe patch flash write routine is not functional yet …
(edit) @20599   6 years blogic The ralink rt305x board has a wireless card that can be used with the …
(edit) @20598   6 years nico imagebuilder: don't disable on uml
(edit) @20597   6 years nico imagebuilder: various fixes * only copy host tools from …
(edit) @20596   6 years blogic [ramips] Fix the base address of the wireless card. Otherwise it is not …
(edit) @20594   6 years juhosg toolchain/binutils: building gas for arm-*-uclibc systems requires linking …
(edit) @20593   6 years nico fix path to libgcc.a in LIBGCC_S
(edit) @20592   6 years jow [package] openssl: add patch for CVE-2010-0740 ("Record of death") …
(edit) @20591   6 years florian [package] fix ndisc compilation failure (#6984)
(edit) @20590   6 years hauke kernel: fix dependencies for x86 target kmod-hid and kmod-input-core are …
(edit) @20585   6 years hauke mac80211: fix mesh. This fixes #6774
(edit) @20584   6 years nbd fix kernel-headers build
(edit) @20582   6 years nico [include] fix bzr download method
(edit) @20581   6 years blogic temporary fix to make toolchain build properly, this is broken since …
(edit) @20580   6 years blogic [ifxmips] fixes uboot compile error
(edit) @20573   6 years jow [package] uhttpd: fix a signal related race condition exposed by LuCI on …
(edit) @20572   6 years florian [package] update e2fsprogs to 1.41.11 (#6896)
(edit) @20571   6 years nico [package] base-files: fix shell syntax (prevent error messages when …
(edit) @20570   6 years nbd add a new helper macro to deal with conditional ./configure flags
(edit) @20569   6 years nbd prevent from defining PATCH_DIR and FILES_DIR for regular …
(edit) @20566   6 years nbd use lazy evaluation for TARGET_CONFIGURE_OPTS to make it possible to …
(edit) @20564   6 years nbd fix u-boot wiki urls
(edit) @20563   6 years nbd add a package for ifxos (Infineon/Lantiq OS abstraction layer for drivers)
(edit) @20561   6 years nbd add uboot-lantiq (based on a patch contributed by Lantiq)
(edit) @20560   6 years nbd uboot-ifxmips: fix portability bug
(edit) @20558   6 years nbd propagate atm header changes into pppoatm and br2684ctl as well
(edit) @20557   6 years nbd ifxmips-dsl-control: move to $(KERNEL_BUILD_DIR), add $(LINUX_DIR)/include …
(edit) @20556   6 years nbd linux-atm: add the kernel include dir to the cflags and move the build dir …
(edit) @20555   6 years nbd linux-atm: clean up package installation into staging
(edit) @20554   6 years nbd ifxmips-dsl-api: fix portability errors
(edit) @20553   6 years hauke Some dependencies that are depending on target are not added into the …
(edit) @20552   6 years nbd netfilter: fix ABI breakage caused by the netfilter match optimization …
(edit) @20551   6 years nbd enable IP175A support in the IP175C PHY driver (based on patch from jh in …
(edit) @20550   6 years nbd madwifi: fix the tx rate display in iwconfig (#6925)
(edit) @20549   6 years nbd madwifi: return to the bss channel after an issued ap mode scan has been …
(edit) @20548   6 years florian [brcm63xx] move bcm_tag.h out of the flashmap patch so that user-land …
(edit) @20547   6 years nbd hostapd: clean up openssl tls dependencies and build handling (fixes …
(edit) @20542   6 years florian [package] make mmc-over-gpio pins configurable in menuconfig (#6933)
(edit) @20538   6 years florian [x86] sysupgrade: Get target device from kernel cmdline, patch from …
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