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(edit) @8169   9 years nbd add missing config options
(edit) @8165   9 years nbd brcm47xx-2.6: add a few nops here, some irq saving there, blast the full …
(edit) @8163   9 years florian Enable r8169 as a module (#2129)
(edit) @8162   9 years nbd fix the size of the flash mem window on pronghorn metro (#2070)
(edit) @8157   9 years nbd merge madwifi r2591 for rxantenna selection
(edit) @8152   9 years blogic on the au1000 usb could never work as the power switch was never enabled …
(edit) @8150   9 years blogic wireless config gets regenerated not only when it does not exist, buit …
(edit) @8148   9 years blogic added the au1000 pci and eth0 fixes to the 7.07 tag
(edit) @8144   9 years juhosg [adm5120] reorder rootfstypes to allow both squashfs and jffs2 images to …
(edit) @8143   9 years juhosg [adm5120] fix kernel command line
(edit) @8139   9 years florian Fix the handling of unsupported ioctls (eth0 appeared in iwconfig for …
(edit) @8138   9 years nbd fix mac80211 build for platforms that have led support disabled
(edit) @8136   9 years nbd merge madwifi trunk changeset 2597
(edit) @8131   9 years nbd disable reserved blocks for checkpointing in yaffs2 on rb532 and adm5120
(edit) @8128   9 years juhosg [adm5120] board specific fixes * fix detection of RB-133C, thanks to …
(edit) @8127   9 years florian Add supporg for nls-iso8859-2 (#2123)
(edit) @8126   9 years florian Make mac80211 compile even if CONFIG_LEDS_TRIGGERS is not defined in the …
(edit) @8125   9 years florian Allow squashfs images for au1000, use the automatic rootfs split
(edit) @8124   9 years juhosg haserl in /packages/utils since [8006]
(edit) @8122   9 years juhosg [adm5120] cleanup patches * nuke patches for 2.6.21 * refresh patches …
(edit) @8114   9 years nbd avr32 will not be in the 7.07 release - wasn't ready on time
(edit) @8113   9 years nbd simplify and fix adm5120 image building, fix broken FEATURES handling
(edit) @8111   9 years nbd another attempt at fixing the madwifi memleak for good. i'm 95% sure this …
(edit) @8110   9 years nbd refresh madwifi patches
(edit) @8109   9 years nbd fix an error message
(edit) @8108   9 years nbd keep track of the wifi interface state in /var/state/wireless
(edit) @8106   9 years nbd add patch from #2111
(edit) @8104   9 years juhosg [adm5120] fix compiler warnings
(edit) @8103   9 years juhosg [adm5120] remove profiles of the unsupported boards
(edit) @8102   9 years juhosg [adm5120] remove hardware byte swapping support
(edit) @8101   9 years rwhitby More specific configurations for NSLU2 based on alpha tester reports …
(edit) @8100   9 years rwhitby Remove the unused netconfig script
(edit) @8099   9 years rwhitby Should release, cause that's what I've been testing
(edit) @8098   9 years rwhitby Added kmod-usb-ohci to the NSLU2 profile
(edit) @8097   9 years rwhitby Make ixp4xx image lan interface default to static like all …
(edit) @8096   9 years rwhitby Enabled PPP modules in ixp4xx kernel
(edit) @8095   9 years rwhitby Fixed typo which caused usb-net modules not to be built
(edit) @8085   9 years nbd fix kmod-ipip build
(edit) @8084   9 years nbd reorder, xt_CHAOS depends on xt_DELUDE
(edit) @8079   9 years nbd sync madwifi in 7.07 with changes from trunk
(edit) @8077   9 years nbd add a workaround for the hostapd killed issue when using more than one …
(edit) @8069   9 years nbd fix a socket leak in udhcpc (patch by Eric L. Chen)
(edit) @8068   9 years florian Fix indentation for add_mtd_partitions (#2072)
(edit) @8067   9 years florian Fix tgz generation for 7.07 too
(edit) @8065   9 years nbd really fix tgz images
(edit) @8062   9 years nbd add a workaround for a wds related crash
(edit) @8055   9 years nbd disable ipt_quota on linux 2.4 - iptables user space no longer compiles …
(edit) @8052   9 years florian rb532 has pci support and should build tgz images by default
(edit) @8049   9 years florian Allow the redboot supplied command line to be append (#2089)
(edit) @8042   9 years florian Fix the tgz image build
(edit) @8041   9 years florian The RB1xx profile should only provide tgz image and pci support
(edit) @8039   9 years florian Add a USES_TGZ variable, so that RB1xx profiles can use it
(edit) @8025   9 years nbd add fix for running udhcpc on bridges (patch by Eric L. Chen)
(edit) @8023   9 years nbd fix two small bugs in the hotplug2 rule parser (#2085)
(edit) @8005   9 years nbd fix ipp2p
(edit) @7967   9 years florian Fix the section mismatch on the serial driver (#2076), thanks Thomas !
(edit) @7959   9 years nbd clean up some leftover junk
(edit) @7957   9 years nbd fix monitor mode related crash in madwifi (#2034)
(edit) @7956   9 years nbd fix unwanted automatic package cleaning when using quilt
(edit) @7955   9 years nbd move firmware loading to hotplug2-init.rules (should fix #2056)
(edit) @7953   9 years nbd use . /var/state/network instead of config_load to avoid a CONFIG_SECTIONS …
(edit) @7952   9 years nbd avoid a race condition that might lead to dnsmasq reading an empty …
(edit) @7951   9 years nbd fix layer7 for 2.6.21
(edit) @7949   9 years nbd fix static routes for dynamic interfaces (#1446)
(edit) @7941   9 years nbd fix parallel build issues
(edit) @7913   9 years nbd fix alsa snd_fops problem (#1426)
(edit) @7912   9 years nbd reorganize netfilter modules, get rid of the iptables-mod-extra dependency …
(edit) @7910   9 years nbd fix cflags for xscale (#2026)
(edit) @7908   9 years nbd fix a typo in the imq module (patch from #2005)
(edit) @7907   9 years nbd fix PACKAGES:= for target profiles in
(edit) @7906   9 years nbd fix a typo
(edit) @7904   9 years juhosg [adm5120] fix errors in image generation Makefiles, thanks to Thomas …
(edit) @7902   9 years juhosg disable image generation for boards which we still have problems with (at …
(edit) @7901   9 years mbm restart wds links when wifi is restarted
(edit) @7900   9 years florian au1000 now runs .22, mtx-1 watchdog is mainline and i2c patch is planned …
(edit) @7897   9 years nbd add second package source for packages built from the /packages repository …
(edit) @7896   9 years nbd fix the cpu_wait patch for 2.6.22
(edit) @7895   9 years nbd add busybox printf patch from #2021
(edit) @7894   9 years nbd 2.6.22 is released :)
(edit) @7892   9 years nbd hotplug2 update - include hotplug2-init.rules from hotplug2.rules, fix …
(edit) @7888   9 years mbm more wpa+wds patches
(edit) @7887   9 years mbm fix busybox --help problems on rebuild
(edit) @7877   9 years mbm fix bug with ap+sta modes using wpa
(edit) @7876   9 years mbm rearrange diag's platform detection code to look for known platform …
(edit) @7875   9 years mbm patch wlc and scripts to control wl's builtin wpa supplicant
(edit) @7873   9 years mbm clean up default wifi config
(edit) @7872   9 years nbd fix a race condition with broadcom wl devices in a bridge if a device is …
(edit) @7871   9 years nbd merge r7869 and r7870 to 7.07
(edit) @7868   9 years nbd remove ad-hoc tx hang workaround - the underlying issue has been fixed a …
(edit) @7867   9 years nbd remove minstrel rate hack
(edit) @7865   9 years nbd more fixes for the crazy cpu cache issues on brcm47xx-2.6 (mainly affects …
(edit) @7863   9 years juhosg [adm5120] more generic handling of Macronix flash chips, fix #2008
(edit) @7861   9 years nbd oops, forgot to apply the last change to 7.07
(edit) @7858   9 years mbm wds-wpa support
(edit) @7857   9 years nbd refresh a patch that is causing problems on certain systems
(edit) @7856   9 years nbd fix a glitch in the status output of the non-verbose builds for adm5120
(edit) @7855   9 years nbd fix sdk build
(edit) @7854   9 years nbd move ncurses to trunk and 7.07 (util-linux depends on it)
(edit) @7850   9 years nbd fix a horrible memleak in madwifi
(edit) @7848   9 years nbd nuke magicbox-2.6 2.6.21 patches - 2.6.22-rc is stable here
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