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(edit) @6180   11 years nico cosmetic change: rename PKG_BUILDDEP to PKG_BUILD_DEPENDS
(edit) @6154   11 years nbd pass the CFLAGS through the environment on compile and fix a few packages
(edit) @6134   11 years nbd clean up package rebuild messages
(edit) @6094   11 years nbd include section name in the package metadata
(edit) @6089   11 years nbd add maintainer to package metadata
(edit) @6084   11 years nbd Fix the annoying base-files autorebuild bug. When checking file mtimes in …
(edit) @5820   11 years nico prevent pkg-config from looking for .pc files on the host system
(edit) @5722   11 years nbd allow package directories to override the path to configure
(edit) @5684   11 years nbd build all packages in a package directory by default if DEVELOPER or SDK …
(edit) @5655   11 years nbd fix collecting package metadata on freebsd
(edit) @5639   11 years nbd fix pesky kmod-* ipkg install bug
(edit) @5498   11 years nbd make target/linux/* directories self-contained, use the selected kernel …
(edit) @5448   11 years nico revert autotools files touching: it has side effects (closes: #918)
(edit) @5390   11 years florian Move out autotools touching stuff to a macro
(edit) @5387   11 years florian Ok, third round, the right one, touch the file anyway, does not break …
(edit) @5386   11 years florian Update makefiles to use the autotools stuff put in the template, remove …
(edit) @5385   11 years florian Some more stuff
(edit) @5384   11 years florian Move out some generic code to prevent autotools from re-creating files
(edit) @5261   11 years nico strip third arg (dir name) to Build/Configure/Default macro
(edit) @5237   11 years nbd enable download target only if PKG_SOURCE_URL is set
(edit) @5232   11 years nbd add sitefiles similar to the ones from openembedded
(edit) @5227   11 years nbd fix unnecessary kernel package recompile
(edit) @5215   11 years nbd change rm to rm -f to avoid bogus make messages
(edit) @5194   11 years nbd add PROVIDES option, currently only used for menuconfig
(edit) @5086   11 years nbd check for empty patch directories
(edit) @5077   11 years nbd fix mistakes in unpack change
(edit) @5070   11 years nbd move common unpacking code to, replace zcat with $(ZCAT) for …
(copy) @5059   11 years nbd finally move buildroot-ng to trunk
copied from branches/buildroot-ng/openwrt/include/
(edit) @5038   11 years nbd don't include from - confuses package dump
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