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(edit) @31213   5 years acinonyx [include] Fix typo in GNU Make prereq check
(edit) @25536   7 years florian add git (git-core) as a prerequisite (#8866)
(edit) @23445   7 years nbd set the umask in instead of forcing the user to adjust it
(edit) @23442   7 years jow [include] add a prereq check for umask 0022, other settings will result in …
(edit) @21078   7 years nbd fix gnu find prereq check
(edit) @15181   8 years nbd fix source file vs library order in a few prereq checks (#4326)
(edit) @15044   8 years ralph ooops, m4 is already part of the host tools
(edit) @15043   8 years ralph added m4 to prereq check, thanks to Gerph
(edit) @14901   8 years nbd remove autoconf from, as it is part of the tools/ build
(edit) @14900   8 years lars Bison is not a prerequirement since it's build as part of the openwrt …
(edit) @14180   9 years nbd improve support for building on mac os x by improving detection of missing …
(edit) @12491   9 years nbd add prereq check for extended getopt (#3944)
(edit) @12110   9 years nbd add prereq check for python
(edit) @9710   10 years nbd add prereq check for gnu find
(edit) @9654   10 years nbd enforce gnu make >= 3.81 now. it has become too annoying to work around …
(edit) @9567   10 years nbd prefer http downloads over svn/git checkouts, remove git dependency
(edit) @9553   10 years nbd add git checkout support
(edit) @8118   10 years nbd add better working-g++ check (patch from #2017)
(edit) @7482   10 years nbd revert bogus change
(edit) @7480   10 years florian quilt is now a preriquisite
(edit) @6942   10 years nbd revert find | xargs => find | exec changes - this is completely …
(edit) @6940   10 years mbm prereq check for find -exec +
(edit) @6826   10 years florian Typo, nice
(edit) @6825   10 years florian Add gawk as a preriquisite (needed for ramdisk images)
(edit) @6747   10 years nbd add PKG_NAME to so that failed checks show a proper prefix …
(edit) @6502   10 years pavlov more propsets... i'm done for now.
(edit) @5633   11 years nbd add a prereq check for autoconf
(edit) @5590   11 years nbd remove python prereq check - no longer necessary
(edit) @5508   11 years nbd fix another build error
(edit) @5073   11 years nbd add prereq check for case-sensitive filesystem
(edit) @5065   11 years nbd add prereq check for wget
(copy) @5059   11 years nbd finally move buildroot-ng to trunk
copied from branches/buildroot-ng/openwrt/include/
(edit) @5037   11 years nbd more portability fixes and a prereq check for gnu tar
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