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(edit) @12315   9 years florian Fix negative calculation of the tmpfs for devices with few RAM (#3557)
(edit) @12231   9 years mbm allow ctrl-c to trigger preinit
(edit) @12059   9 years nbd use the same hotplug2 parameters for initramfs and regular
(edit) @12058   9 years nbd move the hotplug2 kill command from preinit to /etc/init.d/boot, so that …
(edit) @10930   9 years nbd initramfs: start one hotplug2 for coldplugging and one for handling events …
(edit) @10928   9 years nbd use the right hotplug2 invocation for initramfs
(edit) @10927   9 years juhosg [package] base-files: fix a typo
(edit) @10912   9 years nbd This patch re-adds the udev and hotplug2 initialization fixes originally …
(edit) @10903   9 years matteo assign names to filesystems when mounting virtual ones (closes #3340)
(edit) @10870   9 years nbd remove some redundant code
(edit) @8456   10 years nbd add sysupgrade script for config preserving system upgrades. only …
(edit) @7870   10 years nbd add failsafe support for atheros-2.6 (#1501) - only works with ar5315+ at …
(edit) @7810   10 years nbd move parts of the failsafe code to the generic base-files - will be used …
(edit) @7722   10 years nbd fix failsafe on broadcom, send netlink events in diag when running linux …
(edit) @7418   10 years mbm mount_root should only mount the root
(edit) @7220   10 years mbm /proc needs to be mounted before preinit.arch for failsafe
(edit) @7200   10 years florian Fix set_state preinit stuff
(edit) @7173   10 years mbm unified preinit environment
(edit) @7069   10 years kaloz move the last change to the right place
(edit) @7068   10 years kaloz set $HOME to /tmp on bootup
(edit) @6501   10 years pavlov same propset here as changeset:6500
(edit) @6481   10 years nbd add failsafe support for x86-2.6 and fix mdev support for platforms using …
(add) @6450   10 years nbd make squashfs overlay support more generic and integrate it for x86-2.6
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