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(edit) @7888   10 years mbm more wpa+wds patches
(edit) @7872   10 years nbd fix a race condition with broadcom wl devices in a bridge if a device is …
(edit) @7766   10 years mbm fix broadcast address (#1611)
(edit) @7643   10 years nbd keep track of the network interface states (stored in uci format in …
(edit) @7639   10 years nbd more fixes
(edit) @7116   10 years ejka Fix ipv6 address assignment (#1622).
(edit) @7076   10 years mbm various patches to add support for ppp over evdo or character devices
(edit) @6819   10 years nbd network config: ignore nonexistant interfaces
(edit) @6619   11 years nbd add an optional parameter to scan_interfaces() that can override the …
(edit) @6512   11 years nbd nuke mdev and replace it with hotplug2 :)
(edit) @6501   11 years pavlov same propset here as changeset:6500
(edit) @6410   11 years nbd add a check for brctl in the unbridge() function (fixes #1417)
(edit) @6355   11 years nbd integrate the fix from #1348 and clean up the network scripts a bit…
(edit) @6225   11 years nbd add broadcast setting for /etc/config/network interfaces
(edit) @6145   11 years nbd ignore the bridge option if brctl is not available
(edit) @6123   11 years nbd Fix the issue where the default gateway is not set in static mode most of …
(edit) @6099   11 years nbd add checks for {ip,ip6}addr in the network config
(edit) @6043   11 years nbd Forward port whiterussian resolv.conf changes /etc/resolv.conf links to …
(edit) @5738   11 years florian Set up ipv6 address if provided in network configuration (#1028)
(edit) @5719   11 years nbd fix a typo
(edit) @5690   11 years nbd add option for setting the mac address (#1014)
(copy) @5622   11 years nbd rename default/ to files/
copied from trunk/package/base-files/default/lib/network/
(edit) @5494   11 years nbd make sure udhcpc is spawned as a background process (use eval)
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