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(edit) @12259   9 years florian Make sure we will have lower case MAC addresses when doing WDS
(edit) @11890   9 years florian Default to port 1812 for radius authentication when doing 802.1x
(edit) @11838   9 years florian Support for setting monitor mode (#1306)
(edit) @10689   9 years thepeople add frameburst closes #1759
(edit) @10137   10 years nbd update brcm-2.4 to, integrate new broadcom system code, update …
(edit) @10113   10 years florian Set country before channel (#2958)
(edit) @9805   10 years florian Fix macfiltering for broadcom devices (#2822)
(edit) @8792   10 years florian Fix macfiltering options (#2397)
(edit) @8763   10 years florian Add macfiltering to broadcom-wl
(edit) @8108   10 years nbd keep track of the wifi interface state in /var/state/wireless
(edit) @7901   10 years mbm restart wds links when wifi is restarted
(edit) @7888   10 years mbm more wpa+wds patches
(edit) @7877   10 years mbm fix bug with ap+sta modes using wpa
(edit) @7875   10 years mbm patch wlc and scripts to control wl's builtin wpa supplicant
(edit) @7873   10 years mbm clean up default wifi config
(edit) @7710   10 years nbd add antenna diversity config support for broadcom-wl
(edit) @7682   10 years mbm Allow the use of psk+psk2 (ap mode only). Thanks ragorn
(edit) @7430   10 years mbm change wifi defaults (was default hidden ssid)
(edit) @6576   11 years mbm add a new 'option disabled' to wifi-device
(edit) @6570   11 years mbm Enable bridge, disable wifi Easier to deal with "how do I enable wifi" …
(edit) @6501   11 years pavlov same propset here as changeset:6500
(edit) @6149   11 years nbd fix typos
(edit) @5874   11 years nbd add wlc commands for setting 802.11d and 802.11h mode, disable both by …
(edit) @5807   11 years mbm allow channel to be ommited
(edit) @5715   11 years nbd add wep fix from #998
(edit) @5686   11 years nbd fix typo in broadcom wifi script: s/crypto/wsec/
(edit) @5594   11 years nbd fix wepkey default (#972)
(edit) @5593   11 years nbd fix typo (#972)
(edit) @5578   11 years nbd add distance/slottime setting to (fixes #950)
(edit) @5555   11 years nbd more mssid fixes
(edit) @5552   11 years nbd fix mssid support
(edit) @5551   11 years nbd add wep support for broadcom-wl
(edit) @5549   11 years nbd more mssid fixes
(edit) @5548   11 years nbd client mode fixes for broadcom wl
(edit) @5496   11 years nbd move two functions from to /sbin/wifi
(edit) @5122   11 years nbd add support for wds vifs for broadcom wl
(edit) @5120   11 years nbd always return true in disable_broadcom()
(edit) @5118   11 years nbd implement network callbacks for broadcom wl
(edit) @5117   11 years nbd scan_interfaces is unnecessary at this point
(edit) @5116   11 years nbd remove all broadcom interfaces from bridges and bring them down completely …
(edit) @5113   11 years nbd implement simple device autodetection for wifi drivers
(copy) @5059   11 years nbd finally move buildroot-ng to trunk
copied from branches/buildroot-ng/openwrt/package/broadcom-wl/files/lib/wifi/
(edit) @4684   11 years nbd broadcom-wl: set vlan_mode for every enabled interface
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