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(edit) @11663   8 years florian This adds dhcp-boot support to dnsmasq-init: option name "virt0" option …
(edit) @11062   8 years thepeople only ignore dhcp but still listen for dns closes #3406
(edit) @10460   8 years thepeople create the dhcp leasefile if it doesn't exist
(edit) @10367   8 years nbd Here comes the new UCI. Enjoy :)
(edit) @10216   8 years thepeople add option configure a custom netmask for dhcp clients Signed-off-by: …
(edit) @9612   8 years thepeople use instead of closes #2759
(edit) @9608   8 years thepeople add option to turn off dynamic dhcp closes #2694
(edit) @9502   9 years florian Fix missing IP section to properly add static hosts (#2650)
(edit) @9440   9 years thepeople convert the rest of /etc/dnsmasq.conf to uci
(edit) @9028   9 years thepeople include fixes from #2429 Thanks Lubos Stanek
(edit) @8732   9 years thepeople add fix from ticket #2290
(edit) @8712   9 years florian Finally fix the usage of limit (#2240)
(edit) @8554   9 years thepeople fix incorrect parameters
(edit) @8550   9 years thepeople fix typo closes #2289
(edit) @8540   9 years thepeople dnsmasq: extend the init script thanks Sedky
(edit) @8437   9 years florian Use a more explicit variable name for the number of dhcp leases (#2240)
(edit) @7805   9 years nbd include the network state in the dnsmasq init script. this makes it …
(edit) @6941   9 years nbd dnsmasq: speed up the dhcp server detection (one try is enough)
(edit) @6767   9 years nbd allow dhcp sections for dnsmasq to add command line options
(edit) @6595   9 years nbd upgrade dnsmasq to latest version, rewrite dnsmasq init script for uci, …
(edit) @6043   9 years nbd Forward port whiterussian resolv.conf changes /etc/resolv.conf links to …
(edit) @5525   10 years nbd add START=60 to dnsmasq init
(edit) @5244   10 years nbd move /usr/lib/parse-config.awk to /lib/config/template.awk
(copy) @5059   10 years nbd finally move buildroot-ng to trunk
copied from branches/buildroot-ng/openwrt/package/dnsmasq/files/dnsmasq.init:
(edit) @4915   10 years nbd add new rc.common for standardized init scripts, convert existing init …
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