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(edit) @20348   8 years hauke kernel: fix some minor error: * module ide-pci-generic is also included …
(edit) @20346   8 years hauke kernel: x86 remove dependency on ata-core and scsi-core The x86 image …
(edit) @20146   8 years claudio [etrax] fix kernel modules dependences for i2c and ata-core
(edit) @19932   8 years kaloz [kernel]: drop support for the old style magicbox-cf driver
(edit) @19931   8 years kaloz [kernel]: partly revert [19925] as the ata version builds fine
(edit) @19925   8 years nico kernel: mark ata-magicbox-cf & ide-magicbox as BROKEN for now (they don't …
(edit) @19879   8 years nbd mark relevant kmod-* packages as being required for rootfs mounting (patch …
(edit) @19712   8 years lars [packages] kmod-dm: Set CONFIG_DM_LOG_USERSPACE=n
(edit) @19666   8 years nbd kernel: build the scsi core package even if CONFIG_SCSI=y
(edit) @19664   8 years nbd kernel: add a package for kmod-ata-sil
(edit) @19595   8 years thepeople Here is LVM support for OpenWRT. It introduces 3 new packages: - kmod-dm …
(edit) @19271   8 years nico [package] kernel: specify kmod packages dependencies in a uniform way
(edit) @19048   8 years nico [package] kernel: fix IDE modules on 2.4
(edit) @18972   8 years florian [package] fix bluetooth and ide breakage after r18955 (#6422)
(edit) @18954   8 years kaloz remove 2.6.28 specific stuff from kernel packages
(edit) @18595   8 years florian [ubicom32] prevent some modules from being built on ubicom32 since they do …
(edit) @18012   8 years florian [octeon] package the octeon compact flash driver
(edit) @17993   8 years kaloz enable ATA_SFF (PATA support) in the generic configs
(edit) @17956   8 years florian [package* ata-ixp4xx-cf depends on TARGET_ixp4xx
(edit) @17909   8 years nico [package] kernel: fix Promise PDC202xx IDE driver location
(edit) @17752   8 years hauke small fixes mostly for kernel 2.6.31 - libsas needs symbols from …
(edit) @17359   8 years nbd fix pdc20xx compile for linux 2.6
(edit) @17358   8 years nbd brcm-2.4: fix ide disk detection on the wl-hdd
(edit) @17297   8 years florian [package] add missing libsas configuration symbol
(edit) @16957   8 years juhosg [package] kernel/modules: package ATA version of the Magicbox CF driver
(edit) @16953   8 years florian [package] make libsas depend on x86, over targets using it may unmask it …
(edit) @16941   8 years florian [package] add libsas and mvsas required for VIA NAS7800
(edit) @16924   8 years juhosg [package] kernel/modules: enable Magicbox CF driver on 2.6.28
(edit) @16911   8 years juhosg [package] kernel/modules: fix Magicbox CF card driver definitions
(edit) @16860   8 years florian This patch adds a target for the IBM PowerXCell Accelerator Board. (aka …
(edit) @16670   8 years florian [kernel] remove 2.6.26 check, do not build ide-generic on arm it is not …
(edit) @15787   8 years hauke [it821x] The it821x is at an other location in older kernels.
(edit) @15649   8 years florian [package] fix kernel module name for autoloading
(edit) @15645   8 years florian [kernel] package the ITE it821x IDE controller driver
(edit) @15577   8 years jow [package] kernel: fix conditional handling of ide-support
(edit) @15529   8 years jow [package] kernel: fix syntax error introduced with r15524
(edit) @15524   8 years jow [package] kernel: fix ide-disk problems on newer kernels - thanks russell!
(edit) @15350   8 years juhosg [package] modules: fix several typos in
(edit) @15292   8 years hcg [kernel module ps3vram] update dependencies
(edit) @15261   8 years jow [PATCH] [kernel] add sata_sil24 module Signed-off-by: Erik Inge Bols? …
(edit) @15242   8 years nbd get rid of $Id$ - it has never helped us and it has broken too many …
(edit) @14950   9 years hcg Add ps3vram kernel module
(edit) @14773   9 years hauke [kernel] aec62xx is working with kernel 2.6.28 agagin.
(edit) @14356   9 years nico [package] kernel: mark modules that won't build on 2.6.28 as broken
(edit) @14229   9 years nico mark kmod-ata-rb532-cf as broken
(edit) @13704   9 years nico add dependency on rb532 target for its CF module
(edit) @13413   9 years florian Add ata over ethernet modules (#4074)
(edit) @13225   9 years florian Package pata_rb532_cf separately and update kernel config
(edit) @12448   9 years nico Make ide-core depend on pci support, remove dupe Kconfig item
(edit) @12364   9 years juhosg [magicbox] fix the CF driver on 2.6.26.x, and create a package for it
(edit) @12269   9 years nbd fix kmod-ide-core packaging for 2.6.26+
(edit) @12268   9 years nbd add missing kconfig symbol for generic ide
(edit) @11121   9 years agb [kernel] Fix kmod-ata-piix deps
(edit) @11120   9 years agb [kernel] Package nvidia sata driver
(edit) @11119   9 years agb [kernel] Package AHCI driver
(edit) @11118   9 years agb [kernel] Package VIA sata driver
(edit) @10986   9 years rwhitby Added ata-ixp4xx-cf module support for tw5334 board.
(edit) @9707   10 years juhosg [adm5120] new experimental driver for the CF slot on the RouterBOARD 153
(edit) @9526   10 years nbd fix up ata/scsi core depends
(edit) @9416   10 years florian The RB513 CF driver is now a module, enable it by default for the RB1xx …
(edit) @9364   10 years nbd fix up a few ide related kernel config issues (related to #2516)
(edit) @9209   10 years nico remove trailing spaces to fix errors at dump time
(edit) @9201   10 years blogic added sdparm and scsi-generic module, from #2481
(edit) @8812   10 years nico move kmod-nbd & kmod-loop from to, disable cryptoloop …
(edit) @8811   10 years nico rename kmod-libata to kmod-ata-core, add some missing descriptions, sort …
(edit) @8808   10 years nico cosmetic changes: rename submenu vars, add missing copyright headers
(edit) @8801   10 years nico add missing dependencies on PCI/PCMCIA/USB support
(edit) @8721   10 years nico fix KCONFIG in packages: move back all KCONFIG from package variants to …
(edit) @8719   10 years nbd fix kmod-ide-core
(edit) @8659   10 years nico move package description to a separate definition, remove it when …
(edit) @8591   10 years nico require all CONFIG_* symbols listed in its KCONFIG to be set to m in order …
(edit) @8520   10 years nico cosmetic fixes: rearrange KernelPackage definitions
(edit) @8121   10 years rwhitby Fixed required KCONFIG symbols for block IDE modules
(edit) @8115   10 years nbd more dependency fixes
(edit) @8037   10 years nbd add missing dep
(edit) @8026   10 years nbd dynamically enable/disable kernel config options for kmod packages based …
(edit) @7389   10 years rwhitby Added required scsi autoloads to pata_artop
(edit) @7382   10 years rwhitby pata-artop: no longer requires ide modules
(edit) @7279   10 years rwhitby Support for the ARTOP IDE chipset on IOMega NAS100d (pata-artop).
(edit) @6998   10 years nbd Improved autorebuild for kernel related stuff. - make modules_install in …
(edit) @6536   11 years pavlov forgot to set eol-style
(add) @6535   11 years pavlov split out scsi module support and add ata piix support
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