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(edit) @18202   8 years florian [package] remove references to 2_6_27
(edit) @17752   8 years hauke small fixes mostly for kernel 2.6.31 - libsas needs symbols from …
(edit) @17044   8 years florian [package] fix isdn symbols for 2.4 kernels
(edit) @16995   8 years florian [package] add kmod-pppol2tp, patch from Vladimir Voronkov
(edit) @16829   8 years florian [kernel] isdn4linux modules fixes
(edit) @16828   8 years florian [kernel] NET_EMATCH is a boolean (#5506)
(edit) @16799   8 years florian [package] fix isdn4linux kernel modules with the 2.4.37 update
(edit) @16789   8 years nbd kernel: clean up scheduler default config and kmod-sched kconfig symbols, …
(edit) @16056   8 years nbd fix missing kernel config symbol for ipv6
(edit) @16044   8 years nbd enable multicast routing by default
(edit) @15242   8 years nbd get rid of $Id$ - it has never helped us and it has broken too many …
(edit) @14935   8 years nbd NET_CLS_ACT can no longer be built as module in newer kernels, force it to …
(edit) @14782   8 years hauke [kernel] add kmod-crc16 dependency to ax25 module, CONFIG_MKISS needs …
(edit) @14775   8 years hauke [kernel] load module capifs before capi
(edit) @14772   8 years hauke [kernel] Add isdn4linux and gigaset kernel modules.
(edit) @14616   8 years nbd add missing kconfig symbols for kmod-sched
(edit) @14606   8 years hauke Fixes kernel configuration error.
(edit) @14222   9 years nico fix kmod-sit dependencies
(edit) @14219   9 years nico revert [14081]: iptunnel4 does not make sense on 2.4, just add a …
(edit) @14095   9 years jow package/kernel: ensure that ipip is autoloaded after iptunnel4
(edit) @14081   9 years thepeople fix compile of iptunnel4 for the 2.4 kernel
(edit) @13958   9 years thepeople fix kernel config
(edit) @13944   9 years florian Package mISDN stack
(edit) @13941   9 years florian Also load capifs
(add) @13757   9 years agb [package] kernel/modules: split network makefile into netdevices and …
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